(Freebies) 10 Most Outstanding Joomla Extensions

If you are Joomla user, you might already knew that there are lot of Joomla extension. Here are few outstanding Joomla extensions that might be useful for all.

There are virtually thousands of free and extremely useful Free Joomla Extensions to make use that will help you create any type of website possible.

Regardless of whether your website is personal or commercial there are still picture menace list of components, plug-ins, and modules to help out.

Today, I will list out 10 Most Outstanding Joomla Extensions which are available for FREE. Check it out guys!

1. DOCman

10 Most Outstanding Joomla Extensions - DOCman

I voted DOCman as the most awesome document management solution for Joomla. DOCman provides easy and simple access to manage all documents across multiple categories and subcategories.

2. JoomlaXplorer

10 Most Outstanding Joomla Extensions - JoomlaXplorer

JoomlaXplorer is an incredible file manager add-on for Joomla. Joomla Xplorer enables give you easy access to Browse Directories or Files, Edit, Copy, Move and Delete files in directories, Change file permissions (CHMOD), Upload and Download files and more.

Of course it is possible to use an FTP application, but the fact is that with JoomlaXplorer being the absolutely free the benefits can’t be denied.

3. JoomlaStats

10 Most Outstanding Joomla Extensions - JoomlaStats

JoomlaStats is a Joomla component that will make tracking statistics very easy. Furthermore, since total Joomla integration is possible this is an excellent addition to your site.

4. Extended Menu

10 Most Outstanding Joomla Extensions - Extended Menu

There are a number of menu addons available for Joomla content management system. Extended Menu system is both powerful and functional.

However, novices may wish to steer clear of this add-on as set out can be a little technical.

5. Kunena

10 Most Outstanding Joomla Extensions - Kunena

Kunena been noted as a successor of Fireboard, Kunena is an easy to install and simple to use forums solution for Joomla. It have actually become quite popular since its release.

6. sh404SEF

10 Most Outstanding Joomla Extensions - sh404SEF

Sh404SEF allows the incorporation of search engine optimization was in your websites.

Furthermore, this component supports other leading add-ons and is rather simple to use which makes it a popular SEO extension.

7. Community Builder

10 Most Outstanding Joomla Extensions - Community Builder
Community Builder is a Joomla add-on that makes creating a social network for your website very simple.

It comes with a huge set of features as well as a number of additional extensions that extend this add on further.

8. MiniFrontPage

10 Most Outstanding Joomla Extensions - MiniFrontPage

MiniFrontPage is an extremely beneficial add-on as it makes it possible to include all of the newest site additions in a simple module on the front page.

Snippets of new content will be displayed within the module as well as an image that is auto generated.

9. Virtuemart

10 Most Outstanding Joomla Extensions - Virtuemart

Virtuemart is by far the most popular Joomla shopping cart. If you intend to sell anything from this content management system, this is the add-on to choose.

It is extremely easy to set up and works out of the box. Because of this, it is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions for this content management system.

10. Akeeba Backup Core

10 Most Outstanding Joomla Extensions - Akeeba Backup Core

Akeeba Backup is a one of the most popular open-source backup tool component for the Joomla. It will create a full site backup within a single archive for your site.

Backup file created can easily be restored on any Joomla Capable server. Awesome right?

P/S: I been using DOCman, MiniFrontPage and JoomlaXplorer for two years now and everything was awesome!

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