Flaws in Flash Website Design

Flash Website Design is once a popular among web designers and developers for its rich of ability to deliver multimedia content and functionality. However, due to several flaws and disadvantages, Flash website design can be difficult to maintain and sustain.

Plus, you’ll need to know what you’re doing to make Flash work with your website or you might want to hire an expert to work through your problems. Nowadays, HTML5 is the new future in website development.

Flash is dead

Here we list out the flaws in Flash website design that you will need to know:

Bad for SEO Optimization

You need to have an optimized website when using Flash as the search engines can’t read text within Flash so if you need website traffic, you’ll need text and not just a Flash plug-in. For SEO or search engine optimization, Flash doesn’t work.

You should never design an entire website in Flash because the search engines won’t be able to see this website as the robots just can’t read Flash so this is one of the major limitations of this technology. You need to avoid Flash heavy websites as these aren’t the best for search purposes.

Multiple Jobs and Support

If you want Flash website design you should also have a website version that is not done with Flash for your site visitors as you need to provide this to avoid hurting the exposure of the website in the search engines. The best option is to use smaller Flash elements within the website which shouldn’t cause a lot of problems.

Crash Issues

Flash can crash and if this happened, your visitors are not going to be happy. Flash plug-in tends to be unstable at times and it can crash. One on the limitations of Flash is therefore the instability of the product itself. It can work fine at times, but it’s also susceptible to crashing issues. If you use flash you can’t have it on critical areas of your website that you need running all the time.


Flash can be slow and if your website has a lot of Flash this can make it difficult for people that have slower connections to access your site. This is one of the reason for not using or having a Flash website design.

Plug-In Needed

Flash website design must rely to additional Flash plugin and some people may not want to use a plugin due to website security concerns. Users with no Flash plugin will not be able to access to your website

Flash website design do looks great and interactive but you need to be aware of the flaws in Flash and to make sure your site works well with this technology or you could lose readers and even money. Think twice!

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