Flash Websites or HTML Websites?

A website is a must nowadays for the company’s online identity. The web design of the website plays a critical role in the success of the website. A website must be user friendly and at the same time SEO friendly. It depends very much on web designer that how he designs the site.

Flash Websites or HTML Websites?

Information a web designer must know

A business should have pro active approach in its processes so that they go smooth. A real thought process should be given before designing the website. The web designer must know:

  1. The target market
  2. The target audience
  3. Business theme

Above mentioned points always help a designer to plan how he is going to design the site. There are so many factors a designer needs to take care off but here in focus is flash and HTML. It’s really important that a designer must know what are the exact requirements of business are, only then he can come up with the desired work.

When is flash website required?

Sometimes designers try to become over smart and they overdo with the flash. It turns out to be the reason of increased load time which is very bad from SEO point of view. It is important to determine first that what kind of websites require flash. Flash is required when a business focuses on youth and wants to add some flashy animations in its website. It can also be used to provide an eye pleasing effect.

When is HTML website required?

On the other hand HTML website is required for simple and user friendly interfaces. It depends a lot on the target audience as well. Browsers understand HTML very much that’s why it’s always a good idea to have HTML website for users who are not technology oriented.

Wisely use flash

The website’s success is very much depended on the usage of flash. Excessive use of flash can increase the page load time. It might be disturbing sometimes for users. Flash websites have a level of interactivity which HTML websites lack.

In brief all the key persons have to deliver to make a website successful whether web developer or web designer. They have to play their role o make the website attractive and SEO oriented.

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