Five Ways That SMS Marketing Can and WILL Improve Your Sales

Everyone is talking about social media marketing but not many people seem to have caught on about SMS or text message marketing. It is not clear why internet marketers tend to ignore this kind of marketing; it has great potential when you think about how many people have mobile phones and how many of these phones are on their persons all the time. In fact, while people walk away from their computers and laptops constantly, they keep their phones next to them even when they sleep at night.

To emphasize this, look at some of these statistics:

  • This year alone, nearly ten million texts will be sent. About 90% of these will be read within 3 minutes of being received.
  • Out of 313 million people in the US, 234 million of them have mobile phones.
  • 91 million people in America use Facebook every day; in comparison, 174 million will send texts every day.
  • People look at their phones an amazing 150 times a day.
  • Do you see why SMS marketing can be such a powerful way to market your business? If you could catch the attention of just a fraction of the numbers mentioned here, you would be on your way to the bank in no time.

And it seems that it’s not just the numbers that suggest you should be using SMS marketing. There are several other reasons that make it such a compelling media of communication.

SMS Marketing

1. You get a guaranteed open and read rate

How many emails do you trash every day? In fact, most people scan their email quickly in the morning, trash anything from an unfamiliar address then go on to read the rest of the mail. This makes your chances of acquiring new clients through email almost zero.

SMS, on the other hand, gets read. It is very rare that someone will receive an SMS and trash it without reading it. Maybe it’s because they are brief; maybe it’s because people like that a company has personalized an SMS. In fact, 95% of people who opt into SMS services say that they read the SMS’s that the businesses send. For you as a business, you have an audience that is willing to listen.

2. You have a way to get to your prospects

It is almost impossible to target someone on the internet today; there is way too much noise. How do you where they are looking? How do you know which blogs they read? How can you tell the kind of content they are looking for? Fortunately, with SMS marketing, you don’t have to work out all these angles. All you need is a name and a number and you can communicate directly.

3. Narrow casting

Broadcasting is making as many people as possible hear your message. Narrow casting, on the other hand, is focusing your attention on that one single person, tailoring a message to their needs and giving them the information that they need to help them make a buy decision. This is necessary again because of all the noise out there. There is so much of it that people have stopped listening; if you want to engage them, you have to make sure that you are talking just to them about their needs, and this is what SMS marketing does.

While it may be hard to tailor communication for each customer, it is important to try to some degree. If your business is big, you may want to look at the kind of customers you get, the kind of questions they ask and then prepare some handy answers that don’t look very generic.

4. You can easily buy trust

Because you are talking on a one on one basis, your prospects begin to trust you. Trust, as we all know, is what in e-commerce hinges on. People don’t buy because they can see you or because they know you. They buy because you have given them the sense that your business can be trusted. SMS may not be personal at the beginning but they are an opportunity for you to form a relationship that encourages prospects to buy.

5. You can easily do sales

When you have discounts or sales, people have to actually come to your website to actually know that they are on. What if they don’t come? SMS is a way of getting people to know that you have everything to clear. If you have extra stock, if you are having a slow period or if you just want some good PR, SMS will help you get people through the door.

Be careful

SMS also have the power to destroy you if you dont use them properly. If you text people too often, they can feel intruded on and their feedback usually goes back online where everyone can see it. If you SMS people who have not opted into your SMS service, they will treat you just the same way you treat spam – block you. This means that you have only to SMS people who have signed up for it and not too often.

SMS marketing is the next big thing. Don’t wait for others to get in – be among the leaders and get in first.

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