Five Thinks Your Competitors Can Teach You about Recruitment

It’s not easy finding the perfect people to come and work for you, but it’s something you need to get to grips with if you want to have a successful business. If you’re new to the hiring process or you’re fed up of hiring the wrong people learn from your competitors. Here are some excellent tips from several of the most dynamic companies in South Africa.

1. Spend Time on the Recruitment Process

You are the most important person in the recruitment process; you know what the company needs and the type of person and skills you’re looking for. Delegating the process is useful but you should always have a hand in who gets an interview and who gets hired. Clear time out of your calendar and create a detailed job description; decide where you want to advertise the position, and read the applications.

You also need to be the interviewer and spend time creating the questions that will help you to find the right person. You can outsource the final job description write up; just ensure you provide a detail list of the essential skills and desirable skills as well as the duties the job involves.

2. Use Phone Screening as Part of the Interview Process

Spend approximately half an hour screening the potential candidates over the phone; it’s a great way of saving time. This is when you can speak to each candidate in person to define the job, the salary and to see if the candidate feels the job is right for them.

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You can usually get a good sense as to whether the individual is going to be a good fit and this also gives the candidate a chance to back out, saving you both time in the long run.

3. Do Your Own Reference Checks

Tell each candidate that you require three references, ideally three former bosses, although this isn’t always possible. Contact each of the referees in person, over the phone is the best method as you get an immediate response. If the former boss is more than happy to talk to you about the individual and sings their praises you can be sure you’re on to a great candidate. If the boss refuses to talk to you take it as a red flag and move on.

4. Use Your Instincts

You will have plenty of people come to you with all the necessary skills but it’s important to hire on likeability and not just ability. You want the person to be welcomed into the team and be liked. Use your instinct and think how their personality is going to fit in with the rest of the employees. Consider taking each of your top three candidates around the office and introduce them to a few of your key players so you can analyse the chemistry.

The recruitment process should never be rushed, even if you need someone as soon as possible. Rather than speeding through the interviews consider using to help you find suitable temporary cover. You could also use them to help refine your search and to advertise the position with their most suitable candidates.

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