Five Quick Tips to Improve Your Work Environment

It’s important not to underestimate the impact a positive and healthy work environment can have on your employees. When you get it right the space can improve productivity, boost morale, inspire team collaborations and improve the entire business. This has a trickledown effect that spreads beyond your workforce down onto your clients and customers, so it’s something that’s worth spending time and energy on to ensure you get it right. Here are a handful of excellent tips on how you can start making necessary improvements today.

1. Use Colour to Brighten Up the Space

The use of colour in offices can make all the difference to how employees feel in the space and how they work. There are many colours that boost productivity and creativity, the most popular being:

  • Moss green – it is relaxing and restful, soothing but it helps to keep people in a productive mood all day long. It’s a good colour to choose for stressful offices where pressure can build.
  • Light orange – an ideal colour for offices where creativity is important. It energises the mind and promotes happiness.
  • Grey – a neutral grey may sound boring but if you get it right it can be a modern colour that’s soothing. Use it as a solid backdrop and add energy by adding colourful accessories and plants.

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2. Introduce Plants and Flowers into the Office

Plants help to bring the office space together, offering areas of interest and creating a warm environment. They do more than that though, they have also been shown to reduce stress and improve air quality. Place many different plants around the office for a greener place that’s enjoyable to spend time in. Introduce flowers to improve the smell of the office too.

3. Make the Full Use of Your Windows

Natural light is essential for positive health. Lack of light can cause workers to feel tired, lethargic and moody. Make the most of the natural light you have available, but provide shades for the times of the day when daylight can cause overheating or eye strain. Encourage your employees to open the windows to make the most of the fresh air; it helps to keep them alert.

4. Encourage Movement

Sitting at a desk all day isn’t healthy for anyone. Encourage your employees to get up and walk around and to take regular breaks from the computer screen. Have an area where your workers can sit or stand at break and try to introduce new systems of work that will promote movement.

You could also look at standing desks as an alternative to traditional office desks and chairs for any employees that are especially concerned about the effects office work is having on their health.

5. Maintain a Pleasant Temperature

Workstations need to be comfortable and safe to work in. If an employee is too cold or too hot they will not be able to work at their best. Avoid overheating the space but don’t leave your employees in the cold. Use air conditioning and central heating to ensure the temperature is suitable for the work being carried out.

It’s also important to maintain the air conditioning and any heating systems in your offices to ensure the health of your employees, visit Sovereign Planned Services LTD to learn more.

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