Five of the Best Office Designs

A well designed office will do far more than impress clients who come to visit you. Open plan offices with good lighting and ergonomically designed fu

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A well designed office will do far more than impress clients who come to visit you. Open plan offices with good lighting and ergonomically designed furnishings make your employees more comfortable, protect their health, and make them more productive too. If your employees are complaining about headaches, migraines, back pain, or just a general feeling of the blues while they’re at work, maybe the office is dragging them down. Check out some of these awesome office designs to get some inspiration for your next office renovation.


Twitter Office Design
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Twitter has always had a nice approach to office design. They believe in allowing employees to customize their office space, and want to ensure that the office is a place that employees enjoy spending their time. Their new office space is housed in a beautiful historic building. They have designed the office using sustainable furnishings, and kept the decor in the relaxation areas minimalistic and slightly retro. The office has a cafe, chill-out rooms, and several office “neighborhoods” where teams can go to work together.


Facebook Office Design
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When Facebook moved to a new office in 2009, they decided to embrace fun and comfort in every aspect of the design. The office features huge windows, and every work area is bright and airy. There are “chill out” areas where employees can go to take their laptops and relax while they work on a difficult problem, and each zone of the office is brightly decorated with its own interesting theme. The office even has a cafe where employees can go to hang out, relax and enjoy a tasty snack.


Valve Office Design
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Valve is a video game maker, and the creator of the Steam digital distribution platform. The company believes in allowing employees to choose their own projects to work on, and monitors the work that their developers do, instead of how they get it done. The Valve offices are decorated with posters, paintings and video game characters and accessories, and there is no shortage of entertainment on hand for when people want to take a break. This hands-off approach works, most of the time, and Valve is known to produce quality products.

Parliament Design (Portland, Oregon)

Portland Parliament Office Design
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Parliament, the design company in Portland, Oregon, not the “houses of Parliament” in the UK, has a gorgeous office that has been decked out to look like a log cabin. The idea behind this office is simple. The people who work in the office are creative types, and the company wants to make sure that they always feel comfortable and at home. Wooden walls and elegant furniture makes sense on several levels. It’s light, refreshing, and relaxing. The fact that it’s environmentally friendly (much of the wood is sourced from sustainable forests, or old crates and other reclaimed wood which has been “upcycled”) too is a nice added bonus.

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