Fine Art Wedding Photography by Jose Villa

Fine art wedding photography is not just a catch phrase anymore; it is a professional and a modern approach where design stands paramount. The artsy images are more stylized than traditional wedding journalism making them seem like a lustrous lifestyle magazine photo shoot.

Jose Villa is a pioneer in the field; his contribution to the trendy buzzword of wedding journalism lies unparalleled. Jose Villa, a photographer who many look up to, was born in Los Guerrero, Mexico and has lived his life in California. He started off with making videos when he was just in high school. This later led him to study Photography from the Brookings school of Photograph in Santa Barbara.

Jose Villa Wedding Photography 1

Jose Villa Wedding Photography 2

Jose Villa has been acclaimed as one the most renowned wedding photographers by the American Photo Magazine. His pictures have been featured and published in Magazines circulated round the globe including Martha Stewart Weddings, Elegant Bride, Instyle Weddings, Modern Bride, Inside Weddings, Brides Magazine, Cosmo Bride, American Photo and many more.

Jose Villa Wedding Photography 3

Jose Villa Wedding Photography 4

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All images credit to Jose Villa

I have followed and admired Jose Villa’s work for a while, so when I got my copy of his book “Fine Art Wedding Photography” I felt myself on cloud nine!. Exploring the book is itself a thrilling experience since it is full of great images along with detailed Meta info for each. This book is categorized into specific topics and is written in a very reader-friendly manner. Jose mentions specific techniques for achieving a “fine art” look to images, including various insights about why he uses film.

This is a great book and I highly recommend it to any photographer interested in shooting for film or digital. Get your copy for less than $20 and get to know all his priceless secrets. The book is definitely worth a good read for both art enthusiasts and people who enjoy the finer things in life.

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