Facebook Project Spartan

Facebook leaks are surfacing out of the blue, together with the company’s effort to besmirch the rival Google however this piece of info isn’t confirmed yet. Reports have it that Facebook is introducing latest mobile platform which is going to give tough competition to not just the iPhone and iPad but will also enable the users to outwit the App Store plans.

Facebook Project Spartan

This latest mobile platform temporarily being called Project Spartan will be using Apple’s mobile Safari web browser and will let the users open a wide range of info, yet at the same time saving them of downloading application. The users will be having a free choice to use the devices and it will enable them to reach a range of Facebook applications. Unlike Apple which doesn’t support Flash, the latest Facebook platform, having HTML 5 technology will be allowing the users to buy and employ the applications, contained inside the browser.

Facebook Project Spartan

According to resources more than 80 third party designers and creators are putting in efforts and playing their part in designing the applications for the latest platform. Applications like games, digital new magazines etc. are in progress and all of these will be accessible to the users inside the browser without making them download anything.

Regardless of the fact that, Apple and Facebook are the two unrivaled giants in the technology sector, they do not go well with each other. The Facebook iPhone app is enormous in terms of what we get in other handsets and the company is not ready to design something similar to iPad. On the other hand, the BlackBerry Playbook integrates Facebook features with just a touch.

The best part is, this latest mobile platform will be accessible to the Android users however, Facebook seems to focus on Apple and the Safari web browser at this point of time. Now since Facebook has yet not made any public announcement regarding the launch of the project so we’ll know only once it hits the market. However, Apple’s turn out will be certainly something to
notice at that time.

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