Eye Level Holdings LLC Invests In Ever Changing Technology

Because technology continues to be an industry that constantly evolves, Eye Level Holdings LLC sees significant growth in their investments. Eye Level Holdings LLC wisely chooses which technology companies to support in order to remain strong.

Eye Level Holdings LLC Investigates The Mobile Revolution

Eye Level Holdings LLC -- Investing In Technology

With the recent introduction of the iPad, communicating through technology continues to evolve. To understand how phenomenal this type of invention truly is, Eye Level Holdings LLC studied the mobile revolution from its beginning to the present. They discovered that the first cell phone call happened in 1946 on something similar to a party line, where only three people could have a conversation at the same time in one particular city. After years of changes, including the first handset and picture phone creations, Motorola created the first truly mobile phone in 1985. The staff at Eye Level Holding LLC saw that this unit was the first one to not require the user to carry around a briefcase size system in order to function properly.

Eye Level Holdings LLC — Investing In Technology

Eye Level Holdings LLC -- Investing In Technology

As Eye Level Holdings LLC realized, investing in technology is a very wise decision since more than 13 million customers were subscribing to a mobile service by 1993. Then came the Blackberry, iPhone, and Droid, followed by the iPad in 2010. Operating like the iPhone, this device runs through a touch system and provides a much larger screen. Eye Level Holdings LLC found that after only 80 days of being on the market, three million people had purchased an iPad.

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