Everyone should have a camera!

Everyone has hobbies.........so what are yours? Whatever they are, I’m sure you’ll want to record them for prosperity. Whether it’s travel - goi

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Everyone should have a camera!

Everyone has hobbies………so what are yours? Whatever they are, I’m sure you’ll want to record them for prosperity. Whether it’s travel – going on holidays to the Far East, America or the Caribbean, attending concerts or being creative, the chances are you will want to keep those memories for life with the press of a button. I mean, honestly, how can anyone be without a camera?

For some people trekking might be a passion, and once you reach the summit of say Mount Snowdon, Kilimanjaro or even Ben Nevis, the views from there must be breath-taking. Cameras are really just essential for those moments to capture, the scenery never to forget.

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There are others who love sports weather your going to the final of the champions league, to Wimbledon, to the Olympics or to the Grand Prix. What if you meet your sporting hero? Do you really want to be telling your friends you met Tiger woods or Leo Messi…Will they believe you? Why not take your Camera…take a picture, put it up on your wall, frame it, never forget it and show your friends your unbelievable night.

Taking pictures of your family is must. Everyone wants to remember special moments in their child life whether it’s their first step, first sporting moment, first day at school, and various others. Even pictures of their grandparents to remember them. All these memories are priceless and that shows having a camera is priceless.

There are many who make a life out of taking pictures. Professional photographers always seem to smile when doing their job. Taking pictures for others to make them happy must give them some satisfaction. Who can say that about the job that they are in now? These professional can make your day unforgettable and shows that having a camera even for ones job is fun.

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How can a person reflect on his life without some actual physical memories? Pictures will make you smile and cry when you’re alone but those memories will make you feel warm and happy that once I did that, I was there, I met him/her.

A lot of people regard carrying cameras as a hassle and they could lose them. Cameras can be lost just like anything else however they are very small and light therefore there is no excuse not to have one. Most have straps as well so there can be carried over the neck this could restrict the possibility of losing it my misplacing it. Also Cameras now are very cheap and spending a small amount for a lifetime of happiness should be considered a must.

From now you should understand that everyone should have a camera but there are many types out there so what should you be looking for? There are three types you could consider:

  • Compact Cameras – Small basic cameras can be used when you want to let the camera do all the work
  • Compact System Cameras – Still do much of the work but you have more control over the pictures
  • DSLR’s – These are used for professionals who want to have control about all aspects of the picture

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Most people struggle to choose which camera to buy, which is right for them. This is because many do not know what they are looking for; they are many aspects to consider like the resolution, the zooming ratio and so on. All aspects should be considered when buying but once you have one. But at the end of the day, just having fun with it is the most important thing!

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