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Everybody is a Photographer These Days – Or Are They?

Have you noticed? Everyone seems to be and to act like a photographer these days.

Have you noticed that these days everyone knows a photographer? Think about it.

It is staggering how many there are. Why is that? Well professional photography has seen a new revolution. It is the digital revolution.

Let’s face it; it has brought a lot of freedoms as well as challenges. Consumer end cameras are better than they have ever been.

People have been amazed at the increase in quality they can get from their consumer store bought cameras compared to years ago.

Digital has also traded the expense for your money in film for your time in editing.

Today you can take about 100 images on a digital camera at nearly no expense beyond the cost of the digital camera card and camera.

What an Amature Photographer Can’t Give You

If a new self-proclaimed photographer attends your wedding he can take 500 images and you and may get 100 useable images and then 10 good ones and maybe one real good one.

Is 10 images “good enough” for that day?

What about an album, what about gorgeous products to remember that day by. Are you going to hang that CD on the wall as art?

Which by the way, is only stable for ten years due to the chemical breakdown that begins to happen.

Good Photography is Not Fast and Cheap

We have become a society that has to have everything fast and cheap, especially in the areas of technology. That mindset has seeped into all of us.

This mentality is too dangerous to allow when it comes to some of those milestone moments in your life like a wedding, a senior portrait, a family get together, etc.

Think about the cost involved in a wedding?

The dress, the tuxes, the venue, the food, the flowers and then we get cheap on photography because the value has been diminished by the overabundance of photographers and the public mindset of anybody that’s good with a camera can take pictures.

I am always stunned when someone asks me how much my camera is. When I tell them I have 4 and this one was $8000 they say,

“Wow, I wish had that camera and I could take good pictures too!”

Stunned and insulted I think, really, so years of study in photography school, working with studio lighting, working under a Master Photographer for several years has nothing to do with it.

Well our professional organization Professional Photographers of America (PPA) has released a new campaign called, “See the Difference”. It is a great side by side comparison that consumers can see.

Training is Crucial

Even the best camera in the world is not much use in the hands of an untrained person.

PPA has training and certification classes available for to photographers that want to better their skills and understanding in lighting, posing and providing high quality services to consumers.

PPA has been very important in the days of film in properly training photographers to capture those moments and now in the digital era their certification testing and degree programs are more important than ever. Make sure the photographer you choose is at least certified through the PPA.

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