Dotcom Monitor Resolves Web Monitoring Issues Efficiently

Dotcom Monitor is an award-winning and reliable website monitoring services that have enabled them to earn the trust of a large clientele over the years. They have introduced the world to breakthrough 1-minute monitoring, image match transaction monitoring and IPv6 monitoring.

Web monitoring is extremely important for improving an online business. It is imperative to know whether users, visiting a client’s website, experience guaranteed server uptime or not. This includes easy and timely accessibility to the site no matter which part of the globe they hail from.

Dotcom Monitor Resolves Web Monitoring Issues Efficiently

Web Monitoring Services

Dotcom Monitor proclaims to satisfy every web-monitoring related need of their customers in highly professional and proficient ways. They offer a wide array of services and packages suitable for different businesses.

Some of the services are:

  • Web Application Monitoring
  • Website Monitoring
  • VOIP-SIP Monitoring
  • DNS Service Monitoring
  • FTP Service Monitoring
  • Mail-SMTP/POP3/IMAP Monitoring
  • External Network Monitoring
  • Video Streaming Monitoring
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Live Dashboard

Dotcom Monitor also has agents, functioning as internet browsers around the globe, to check and monitor client’s websites to ensure they are working fine and are user friendly. The outstanding web application performance monitoring, offered by the company, helps the website owners keep an eye on web apps. In case, an issue is encountered at any point, the web owners are informed immediately. They can then set the frequency with which they want their web to be monitored at.

Furthermore, to make things even easier, the reporting tools of the Dotcom-monitor gives a thorough analysis report to clients including the root cause of anomalies, in a timely manner.

Types of Checks

The company runs a number of checks called “web monitoring”. Some of the major ones are:

Availability check
To ensure the website is accessible from any corner of the world at any time of the day

Performance check
To monitor the time the site takes for uploading and notifying the client, in case it takes more than the expected time.

Content check
To ensure the content doesn’t get changed without the web owners’ prior knowledge and has keywords in place the way the client wants.

Aside from these, the web monitoring services also monitors forms on the client’s site to make sure they work fine.

Packages and Contact Details

Dotcom Monitor offers various packages at reasonable rates that can be chosen according to one’s needs, starting from $9.99/month. For details, pay a visit to The inquiry officers can be contacted via mail, live chat and telephone. The company has provided a customer list on their website, in case someone needs to check up on the company’s overall performance.

Interested parties can take advantage of the affiliate program and earn $25 just for referring people to Dotcom Monitor. Moreover, the web monitoring service is available on 30 day free trial. Don’t miss it!

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