Do Not Seek Praise. Seek Criticsm

Appraisal is pleasing. Indeed. People are more likely to seek for praise than criticism. We tends to be a pretender rather to be a critical. We love to filter out all the bad and get to hear what we want to hear. If you have produced a piece of work, you will get your colleague of friends for approval and get other people to say good thing about it. What about criticism?

Obama Thumbs Up

“Please tell me you like my works”.

“I don’t like people who don’t appreciate my jobs”.

“I think my work is better”.

It probably OK to seek for praise. But it is better to crave for criticism. Try to view from other perspective. Don’t see what good you have done, get to find what are the better things that you should have done.

“Whats wrong with it?”.

“How can I make this better?”.

“What are the things that you don’t like about it?”.

Try to convert your question and get to know the negative side of your ideas. You may get more improvement’s ideas to make it better. Do Not Seek Praise. Seek Criticism.

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