Design Your Own Dream House – It’s As Easy As That

When you think about moving to a new house do you ever consider building your own? I bet you do. We all hanker after our own carefully crafted and des

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Design Your Own Dream House – It’s As Easy As That

When you think about moving to a new house do you ever consider building your own? I bet you do. We all hanker after our own carefully crafted and designed property at some point.

Whether you want a giant snooker room overlooking a pool, a two level kitchen or – my favourite – a pulley leading straight from the fridge to your bed you will want to get the design perfect. Can you imagine designing your own house and then realising that you missed out on a unique opportunity to make your home better for living in?

Maybe you think that designing a property is too difficult for you but I believe it is much easier than everyone thinks. Here’s why I think so.

Be Creative

Image by Phil Parker

Where would you start on designing your own house? It might seem impossible but you only need to make a start to see how it will all flow into place. I would suggest asking your kids for advice, as they have probably have some great ideas and will enjoy getting involved.

Ask them to make some drawings of their ideal house and at the same time you can think of the more practical matters such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need. Remember that you aren’t working on remodelling an existing property but on designing an entirely new one, so at the start there are no constraints on you.

If the budget or the availability of materials becomes a problem later on then at least you will have used your imagination to ask for what you really wanted.

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Get Inspired

It is unlikely that you will have a huge list of different possible designs in your head. The best way to work out what you would like is to get inspired from as many different sources as possible. This means that you should read magazines on home design, watch TV programmes and pay attention to the properties you pass.

This might even develop into an interesting hobby as you and the family get into the car at the weekend to drive around the place and look for ideas you can use on your design. The internet is another terrific place for inspiration and you shouldn’t be afraid to look for ideas wherever you can get them.

Leave the Tough Stuff to the Experts

Image by Lee Ruk

Do you know what CAD design is or what the right pitch for a slate roof is? If you don’t then it isn’t really a problem you should be worrying about, as there are other people out there who will do it for you.

The key is in knowing what you should do and what the experts can do on your behalf. It is easy to try and save money by doing everything yourself but there are some tasks which you need the right training and experience to do.

If the closest you have been to CAD design is an etch-a-sketch board and your construction skills never got past the Lego stage then you should let someone else do these jobs.

Enjoy the Process

If you start grumbling about the problems you come across right away then it is going to be a long, hard slog till the house is ready. On the other hand, if you approach it in a positive frame of mind then you will enjoy it a lot more. Once the building work starts you will be keen to see the progress.

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Ideally you will live off site and visit the building on a regular basis. The kids will no doubt love going to see how the work is progressing and imagining the finished house. You should let their enthusiasm rub off on you and give you the drive and energy you need to get your ideal property finished with a smile on your face.

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