Design the Perfect Website Landing Page

With more consumers making the decision to shop online for their goods and services as well as to comparison shop online before visiting local stores

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Design the Perfect Website Landing Page

With more consumers making the decision to shop online for their goods and services as well as to comparison shop online before visiting local stores to make a purchase, you may understand how imperative it is for your company to have a well-designed landing page. A landing page serves two main purposes.

First, it is designed so that the website ranks highly with specific, focused keyword searches that your target audience may use when searching for your company. Second, it also must be informative and even intriguing or engaging to your customers. You may have heard that people will make a snap decision in a matter of seconds about whether to continue browsing through a website or to click off of your page and move onto the next page. Because of this, web design should be informative, aesthetically pleasing and even gripping in some way.

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The fact is that you do have a lot riding on your landing page, and because of this, you may be taking a closer look at your existing landing page to determine if it is up to snuff. Perhaps you are upgrading your website and want to design a great landing page. There are several factors that need to be considered as you design the perfect website landing page. 

Conversion Tools

As a first step, it is important to understand what exactly a landing page is. A landing page is not necessarily a home page. Instead, it is any page on your website that is intended for visitors to arrive at when they conduct a specific Internet search. More than that, its purpose is to engage the visitor to take action, such as to make a purchase, to sign up for a newsletter or to take some other type of action.

With this in mind, it is important to determine which of the pages on your website conversion tools are and to determine how you are targeting customers for them. For example, a landscaping service company may have one landing page for regular lawn care services, and another landing page may be for special projects like landscaping design and installation projects or sprinkler installation. Each of these pages may be targeted using different keywords and phrases.

However, all will have a specific conversion tool, and some may have several tools. For example, a landscaping service company may have a link to the company’s email page, the phone number and a contact form. Another company may have a link to specific products that the customers may be interested in purchasing. It is important to consider the overall user experience with web design Geelong. Who is visiting the page, and what would you like them to do there? Is it location based? For example the word “web design geelong”? Then, create conversion tools that accommodate that goal. 

Relevant Information

It is important to note that visitors to your website are likely looking for very specific information, and if they don’t see what they are looking for within seconds of visiting the page, they will likely click off of it rather than continue to explore the website. For example, if a consumer locates your page by searching for yellow tank tops but finds pink socks on the page, the customer is likely going to click off the page very quickly.

This is a very basic example, and many websites will need to be savvier in how they utilize their landing pages to inform consumers. Think about who may be visiting your website, what terms they used to find it and what information they may be looking for. For example, if you are indeed selling yellow tank tops, you may consider placing thumbnail images of all of your yellow tank tops on the top of the page followed by other summer apparel below it. This provides consumers with information they need while encouraging them to continue to click through the website.

Persuasion Tools

Consumers should also be asked to take a specific action. It is not enough to place a product image on a landing page, a product description and a shopping cart icon. Instead, you need to use persuasion tools to convince the consumer to take action. What makes this product or service better than all other options, and why should the consumer act now rather than later? For example, the consumer may be enticed to act now to take advantage of a great sale or because only a limited quantity of the item remains in stock. 

Functional Design

In addition, the website landing pages should have a functional design. Consumers want to easily find what they are looking for. When a website lacks information, it is not usable or beneficial to the consumer. However, when the page is poorly designed by being too crowded, by having all relevant information at the very bottom of the page, when relevant information is in small font or when other factors are at play the website landing page is not beneficial or useful. 

With web design Geelong, it is important to view the website through the consumers’ eyes rather than your own. You want the website designed so that it provides them with a fast, convenient way to find the relevant information that they need, and you also want it to spur them to action in some way. If your existing website landing page design is deficient in any of these areas, you may benefit by working with a professional web design Geelong firm to revamp your landing pages.

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