Decorative Ceiling Fan For Your Children’s Bedroom

Decorating a child’s room is a priority for many parents. It helps to make the room more comfortable for the child and can help the parents to feel good about the home as well. In order to theme a child’s room properly, the parents should look at everything from the floor to the ceiling. That is why many parents include kid-themed ceiling fans in the decor.

There are many ceiling fans available which would fit easily into a child’s room. Some of the more popular choices that are available include those that are themed after Disney characters or popular children’s movies (Source: Disney Princess Ceiling Fan by Ceiling Fan Designers).

There are also many ceiling fans that are sports related. When the child is young, most parents will choose sports themed fans according to their own favorite team. Don’t be surprised if the child wants to switch out the fan, once they develop their own personal favorite.

Children's Bedroom
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Another benefit of using ceiling fans in a child’s room is the comfort that they provide. In the summertime, a ceiling fan can help to keep the skin cool when it is hot outside. According to the US Green building Council, it is possible to save up to 8% on cooling costs when using ceiling fans. Using the switch on the side of the fan, it is possible to change the direction of the blades and make it an energy-saving choice for use in the winter as well. In the wintertime, the blades push the air upward and circulate the warm air, which is at the top of the room, down to the living space.


When purchasing kid-themed ceiling fans, it is a good idea to consider more than the theme of the fan. Many children’s rooms have relatively low ceilings. It is best to avoid buying a fan that hangs down too far into the room. Low fans could pose a danger if the child is lifted above head level. Many parents also find it convenient to choose a ceiling fan that includes a remote control.

Although many options are available to parents when decorating a child’s room, the ceiling fan should not be overlooked. It is a practical and economically sound feature that can be included in the room to help extend the theme from floor to ceiling.

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