Decking – What Tools Do I Need?

The sun has finally broken through the almost ever present cloud bank that hovers over the UK and we can finally start to enjoy more summary weather.

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Decking – What Tools Do I Need?

The sun has finally broken through the almost ever present cloud bank that hovers over the UK and we can finally start to enjoy more summary weather. Warm weather sees most of us charging into the garden to enjoy a Pimms on the lawn. However, after a cold and wet winter your garden will more than likely look slightly neglected. Those once pristine flower beds are overrun with weeds, and more importantly, so is your patio!

Decking Tools

This year is the year you should make the most of your garden, and one great way to do so is by adding some decking to your backyard. Decking can be a really cost effective way to spruce up the look of your garden, and adds a certain party base to host BBQ’s, outdoor lunches plus afternoons sunbathing and lounging about.

Think it would be too much work? Here are an array of great products to make the job as easy as possible, including the Fencefix range perfect for decking and those landscaping projects, a robust and long lasting product range that is quickly becoming the choice of professionals.

However, as the winter draws in, its also important to protect the integrity of your new decking. Anti-corrosive screws will ensure rust wont damage the structural security of your deck, whilst brown decking screws will give that professional clean-cut finish.

Here are our top 5 products you need whilst building your very own decked patio area, all available from TradeFixDirect:

Top 5 TradeFixDirect Product

Brown Decking Screws

Brown Decking Screws

Countersunk head with new XR2 recess takes both pozi & square drive. Natural brown ACQ resistant coating. Perfect to add the glossy, professional finish to any decking, and hide unsightly proof of your hard work.

Collated Decking Screws

Collated Decking Screws

Double thread decking screws with anti corrosive green coating. Self countersinking and perfect screws for decking in a damper climate, with water resistant technology.

Bolt Down Support

100 x 100mm Bolt Down Support

The Fencefix bolt down support is designed to allow you to fix your 100 x 100mm timber posts to concrete. This is ideal for projects including decking and car ports.

This decking support is galvanised and has a brown powder coated finish for longevity.

Champion Stainless Steel

Champion Stainless Steel Annular Ring Nails

63 x 2.8mm – 34 degree Champion Brand paper collated clipped d head hails. Perfect for decking but also ideal for fencing, cladding, roofing and shuttering. These nails are rust resistant, and so perfect for outdoor use.

Many more sizes of Champion Nails are available HERE.

Jiffy Joist Hangers

Jiffy Joist Hangers

Perfect for eliminating the need for notching. Jiffy Joists are important when you’re building your deck, but make sure you use the right hardware, such as screws and fasteners, when your attaching them. Non corrosive nails are also important (such as the ones mentioned above).

Decking is a great way to improve your garden, take just a day to build, and with the tools above it’s not too difficult to build yourself either. For more information on the products above, visit for great deals and prices.

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