Custom Coins, Challenge Coins Creative Ideas

Collecting customs coins or challenge coins is an appealing hobby and some don’t mind spending time and money travelling to all over the world to collect unique and rare. Custom coins or challenge coins is a small coin or a military medallion with an emblem or logo to represent specific military organization.

The history of custom coins or are also known as military coins and commemorative coins can be traced back during World War 1 where it has became a tradition for all to wear a medallion or coin at all times as a prove for organization membership when been challenged by others. Challenge coins also are used to be represented as a reward or awards for military service and performance of duty which have been practiced among U.S Military special forces during the Vietnam War. The tradition spread since.

Custom Coins, Challenge Coins Creative Ideas

In Switzerland military tradition, the challenge coins was introduced to Swiss Armed Forces by few American officers which are on Europe security and co-operation training mission and assignments.

In a modern world, challenge coins are now used and becoming popular in social club, establish company, charity and other social environment where challenge coins are been customarily design and created for specific purpose to celebrate an event or others achievement. Some of these coins are also used to create a awesome custom lapel pins.

Custom Coins, Challenge Coins Creative Ideas

If you are interested in challenge coins, why not design and create your own coins of award? There are various kinds of custom coins to choose such as safety coins, die struck brass custom coins, die-cast zinc alloy custom coins, coins of excellence, business coins, silk-screen challenge coins, 2 dimensional custom coins, 3 dimensional custom coins, 3D sculpted human relief coins, wedding challenge coins, alumni or college challenge coins, religious challenge coins and many others.

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