Creative Ideas for Business Cards

A business card is one of the longest standing marketing tools for businesses.  Such cards bear business information regarding a company or sole trader. They offer an excellent means of networking or introducing your product or service to a potential customer. They usually contain all relevant contact details such as a phone and fax number, address, website, e-mail address and most recently, social media addresses.

Creative Ideas for Business Cards
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When you give someone a business card, you could be gaining a valuable contact or even a customer. Therefore, you want to make sure that the card is not simply thrown away or forgotten. What can you do to ensure this? Go for a creative design! A bland basic card is not memorable and could easily be mistaken for trash. Something which is more visually appealing can be more tempting for a person to hold onto.

A good idea is to incorporate your type of business into the card. If you are a photographer, make your business card into a mini photo frame. If you are a landscaper, your business card could resemble a patch of grass with grass material, yoga teacher use material similar to that used in a yoga mat etc. Making your business card into a magnet is a useful method of ensuring a person can easily put it somewhere for safe-keeping. By easily allowing them to stick the card onto a fridge or desktop, it is constantly there as a reminder. They will also know where to look first should they ever require the type of product or service that your business offers.

Making your business pop up into some form of gadget is also a clever idea. If you sell fireplaces or stoves, your business card could pop up to create a miniature card fireplace. This amuses a person and can make them more liable to keep it around the house for future reference.

If you offer financial or banking services, you could model your business card on a real credit card. It could be plastic with a QR code attached so someone can easily scan for your app or website. It could easily slot into someone’s wallet and it directly relates to the type of product or service that you offer. A popular idea with business cards is to provide an additional purpose i.e. a card for a bar or off licence could have a bottle opener attached. The additional purpose directly relates to your services and the receiver is likely to keep it around as it serves an additional purpose.

A business card should be a key part of your sales strategy. However, most businesses make the common mistake of offering a business card which merely blends in with the rest. If you put some thought and creativity into your business cards, you can leave a better initial impression with a future customer.  It is advisable to use a reliable printer provider such as Just-print to assist with making and printing your card.  If it outlines clearly in a creative way what your business does i.e. with its shape, through additional purposes etc., it is more likely to be remembered. Put yourself ahead of your competition by making your business cards stand out.

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