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People are no longer putting pen to paper and writing in their diaries. Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites have made living your life in public the norm. Whether it’s writing a status about what you have done that day or commenting on news and other people’s posts, these sites are making online interaction more and more popular.

As well as social networking, applications like Instagram also mean we can post pictures of things we have seen, the people we are with and the food we are eating for all to see.

Blogging is a step up from statuses and comments. Writing a blog is a great way to keep a diary of your life online. Many blogs are themed e.g. accounts of travelling or people’s thoughts on current affairs, and recommendations are also popular e.g. blogs about good restaurants or great films.

Whatever it is that interests you can become a blog. Writing regular updates about your life and things that you love is a great way to store your memories, and adding photos or images will also really make your blog come to life.

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Creating a blog site can be a daunting affair. If you aren’t knowledgeable in the world of website creation or web design, you may feel you don’t have the skills to go forward in your venture. However, there are many websites and companies that offer guidance and help in creating your own site. Companies such as Web Eden offer an easy-to-use way of helping you design and launch your own website so you can start the blog ball rolling!

With a step-by-step guide, the site allows users to create their website easily and quickly. Using templates as a base, you can customise and personalise your blog site in any way you wish. The site also offers users support and tutorials so that you can learn about web design as you create your own site. An added bonus is the site’s feature to get higher rankings on search engines.

It guarantees that your site will feature on over 100 search engines, such as Google, and also ensures that your ranking improves. This means that when people search words related to your site, your page will come up as a result.

Whether it’s blogging about your breakfast or writing about your holidays, creating a blog website is easily achievable with sites like Web Eden.

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