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Contemporary may be described as both modern and sleek in design and application, as far as the usability in a room may go. It is a step above minimalism, but not so out there that you might mistake a contemporary themed room for a cluttered mess. The modern aspect of a room is usually apparent, due to any appliances or pieces of furniture being up to date and in a certain clear and clean cut style. The color scheme usually follows this same rule of clean. Colors blend into one another, never clashing, always flowing into a streamlined fit.

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Cabinetry is truly the backdrop of any kitchen. When it comes to creating that attractive look and feel that contemporary architecture is so well known for, there is no reason to cut corners (so to speak). Painting a singular wall of cabinets a solid color, such as black or white, and making it so they are nearly invisible until looked at right, it an amazing feat for any home decorator. This usually requires proper placement, a lack of knobs for the cabinets, and enough room to work with in order to make it look the most appealing and function best. This type of project is best for cabinets that are high, rather than those that sit low to the floor. This way, the proper lighting and attention can be brought to them, rather than having them altered in a part of the kitchen where they are hardly noticed.

Of course, many kitchens tend to have a cut off from the usual counter space. Namely, a center island where a chopping board or knife set may be located. This is usually only a good edition if the size of the room will allow it, without looking too cluttered or out of place with the rest of the decor. For example, if the cupboards and the walls are a dark wood stained design, then a stark white center island with a light blue surface may not quite fit in. When things are pleasing to the eye, it makes the functional aspect of a new edition, such as a center island, all the more enjoyable to have around. This is why a center island does best when it matches the walls and/or cupboards surrounding it.

Architecture and clean, crisp lines are the way to go, when dealing with a modern look. The contemporary lifestyle is described quite simply, and yet its design is actually quite abstract in appearance. Everything, from the chairs to the lampshades, must have a similar shape to it. The shade (as in color) of any one object must be complimentary to all other colors in the room. Even something as simple and modern as a kitchen TV should fit in well with all other appliances.

A popular shape to follow in contemporary living is straight lines. This could be a simple square, rectangle, triangle, or even a complex hexagonal room. As long as all objects fit the same shape scheme, then the room will look flawlessly “symmetrical,” even if it is not.

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