Common Uses for a Laser Measuring Tool

A laser measuring tool is a type of device that uses a beam of light to determine the distance to an object. Laser measuring tools use various processes to determine distance. One of the most common involves sending a laser pulse and measuring the time it takes for the light to bounce back to the device.

Why would you want to use a laser measuring tool versus some other tool? For starters, laser rangefinders are accurate and easy to use. Simply point and push a button to find out how far away an object is.

Laser Measurement Tools

Below are a few of the more common uses for laser measuring tools:

  • Military – Military applications are plentiful including targeting and engineering.
  • Forestry – Park rangers, fire service crews, and other forestry officials use laser measuring tools to measure forestry lands with a high degree of precision.
  • Architecture / Civil Engineering / Surveying – Architects, engineers, and surveyors require precise measurements. Laser rangefinders are often used to measure land, roadways, bodies of water, existing structures, and other relevant items.
  • Contracting – From carpet installation and new kitchen counters to a new roof, siding, fencing, or a room addition, contractors need precise measuring tools from start to finish.
  • Real Estate – Real estate agents often use measuring tools to measure individual rooms, entire houses, or property. Rather than tromping around a home with a clumsy measuring tool, an agent can use a laser measuring tool to quickly measure square footage and lot sizes.
  • Sports – Golf, hunting, and archery are just a few of the many sports where laser measuring tools have become must-have devices. Golfers use laser rangefinders to determine the distance from their ball to the pin so that they can pick the most suitable club. Hunters and archers need accurate distance measurements to guide their shooting approach.
  • Manufacturing – Along with laser cutters, manufacturers often use a laser measuring tool to ensure precise cutting and manufacturing processes (Source: laser cutting tools from Coherent).

Did you realize how many industries uses laser measuring tools? After doing some research, a number of industries use lasers to help make their operations more efficient and effective. Many people don’t realize how lucky we are to have the technology we use today compared to many centuries ago. We can confirm that the invention of laser technology has made our lives easier just like the invention of light bulb and creation of bread.

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