Cloud Networking Services for Remote Employees

One of the best advancements brought about by cloud computing is remote access for telecommuting employees. While this service has been around for a long time, cloud computing has made it much better because a remote employee can easily access all of the files and programs that he or she needs without having the data installed on his or her computer. These are just a few of the common cloud networking services that are available to remote employees.

Cloud Networking Services for Remote Employees

File and Software Access

Employees that use the cloud can easily access all of their files and programs without having them installed. This is a major advancement that traditional telecommuting couldn’t replicate. This is because all of the files and programs are stored on the cloud server and the employee can access them through the Internet. All of the programs are Web-based, which has some unique advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages are that the employee can use the software regardless of his or her OS and they are available on any device that has an Internet connection. The only disadvantage is that the employee needs a reliable Internet connection, but this is very common for modern users.

The cloud server must have all of the programs installed on it so that employees can access them. This is very easy to do and the programs are also easier to maintain because they are centralized.

Monitoring Software

Employers like to monitor their employees to ensure that they working properly and not accessing external websites that just waste time. This is fairly easy to do with employees that are working in-house, but it used to be very difficult to monitor remote employees because the software couldn’t be installed on their computers.

This has changed dramatically since the inception of cloud computing. If the monitoring software is installed on the cloud server, then managers can easily access the program to see what remote employees are doing. This ensures that they are working at maximum productivity and that they are getting projects done on time. Many employers are now more willing to allow employees to work remotely due to this advancement.

Virus Detection

Virus detection is an important cloud networking service that IT departments have wanted for years because they were always worried about remote employees. Unlike in-house employees that could be easily monitored and scanned for viruses, remote employees were difficult to scan and hackers could easily compromise their computers. If a hacker was able to control the computer and send a virus, then it would have an easy time infiltrating the network and causing damage.

Cloud computing has made it much easier for IT teams to scan remote connections and stop incoming viruses from compromised computers. While this servicely most benefits the IT team, it’s also good for remote employees because it has made employers more willing to let them work from home.


Most employers prefer to have in-house employees because it makes it much easier for them to work together. The employees can easily share files, see and talk to each other and compare notes and ideas to help the company grow. While many say that it still isn’t quite as good as actually seeing the other person, many remote employees can use tools to collaborate with fellow workers.

For example, these tools allow remote workers to talk to each other, share files and work together to finish a project. Video chat software also allows workers to see and talk to each other in real time. All of this is very easy with the cloud and it will help the company grow by utilizing teamwork.


While employees have been able to work remotely for years, cloud computing has really advanced this field by adding many new tools and features that have been lacking. Not only can employers monitor workers and scan their computers for viruses, but workers can easily access all of the files and programs that they need to complete their work. Employees can also collaborate even if they are miles away from each other by utilizing tools on the cloud network.

If you have remote workers and you are tired of the limitations of traditional telecommuting, then it’s time to upgrade to a cloud network.

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