Choosing the Right Keywords to Target for Your Website

One of the basic building blocks of search engine optimization is the strategic use of targeted keywords and phrases. Content marketers will typically

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Choosing the Right Keywords to Target for Your Website

One of the basic building blocks of search engine optimization is the strategic use of targeted keywords and phrases. Content marketers will typically choose two or three basic keywords and phrases which they will then target in their online copy. The objective is to select those keywords and phrases that will most likely correspond to the most common search terms used in a typical online search for a given topic. Think of these keywords as the bait that attracts the inquisitive online fish. When inexperienced webmasters first dip their toes in the SEO waters, they often find it difficult to decide which keywords and phrases will produce the best results. Navigating the world of SEO, and particularly the use of keywords, can be murky at first. But the waters soon clear, and before long you will be deploying your keywords and phrases with style.

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Basic Tips for Choosing Keywords

Choosing the keywords and phrases you want to target on your website might seem easy enough at first blush. Obviously, you know your website inside and out, and you know your business and the product or content that you are trying to market. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite as easy as that. First, you need to do a bit of brainstorming, and make a list of possible keywords that relate to the content of your blog or website, or reflect the products and services you are marketing. At this stage, it will be helpful to keep the following tips in mind.

  • Look for keywords that are specifically relevant to your business or web content
  • Choose those words and phrases that correspond with the content visitors will find on your website
  • Focus on the keywords and phrases that you feel best match the search criteria online users would use to find your website
  • Choose the keywords and phrases that you feel will generate traffic for your website, and customers for your business

Once you have a list of potential keywords and phrases to consider, it’s time to do a little research, and separate the wheat from the chaff.

Keyword Research – Finding the Most Effective Keywords to Target

There are a number of online tools designed to help webmasters research the most effective keywords to use in their SEO strategies. One of the most popular, and easy to use, is Google AdWords. Using this free application,you can submit a keyword or phrase, and Google AdWords will return a detailed list of relevant keywords drawn from the original submission. Continuing on with Google’s Keyword Research Tool, you can research the average ranking of each keyword, as well as the number of times it has been used in a global or local search. This will help you find the most effective keywords to target for your website or blog. Google AdWords also offers a keyword testing option that will allow you to see how your targeted keywords perform in actual online searches, and with this data you can make your final keyword selections.

Deploying Your Keywords

Once you have your final list of keywords compiled, it’s time to put them into action. In the early days of search engine optimization, webmasters tended to stuff their content with their chosen keywords as a way to get the attention of Google and other search engines. Today, search engines have become very sophisticated, and it is a mistake to overload your content with your target keywords. The key to good SEO is quality content, and your keywords should be deployed sparingly and in a natural conversational manner.

The proper use of keywords may seem confusing at first, but with a little practice even the most inexperienced of webmasters can soon get the hang of it. Rely on your innate knowledge of your website and your product, and use the online tools that are available to you. Before long you will be producing the kind of keyword rich content that gives you great search results, and brings your the customer traffic you desire.

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