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Making sure that your workplace is suitable for all is vital, especially if you are regularly welcoming new clients into the office every day. Not only is a well designed workplace going to impress a potential client, it can also provide for both clients and employees with disabilities, contribute effectively towards health & safety and also give your employees an attractive location to get their work done.
There are also many other aspects that contribute towards a suitable workplace facility, so here are some of the basic factors that need to be considered when you are designing your new office space or moving from one location to another.

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Health & Safety

Health & safety is of the utmost importance for any business that makes looking after their employees a top priority. It’s also essential if you want to welcome clients into the building on a regular basis. In order to guarantee a healthy working environment, there are a number of things you’ll need to consider.
Firstly, make sure that the temperature in the office is suitable for the employees to work productively. You should also give employees the opportunity to adjust the temperature of the room to suit their preferences, whether it’s a blisteringly hot day or you’ve all been snowed in.

It’s also vital to ensure that the office has a good ventilation system that provides clean, fresh air from outdoors. Giving employees easy access to windows is important if a ventilation system has not been installed. Other important factors that determine a healthy workplace include suitable lighting, a spacious working area and plenty of waste bins to improve cleanliness.


If you want employees to look forward to arriving at the workplace, you need to provide them with the welfare they need to become enthusiastic about their job. From accessible drinking water through to a lunch area or place to rest throughout the day, there are many different aspects of welfare that you’ll need to address.

It’s vital to make sure the toilets are regularly cleaned and left in an immaculate condition for the week ahead. You might also benefit from having somewhere where your employees can rest, such as a communal area for instance.

In certain working environments your employees might need somewhere where they can change their clothing for working purposes. If this is the case, you’ll need to provide a changing room of some sort.


In order to suitably guide employees through the working day, you’ll need to equip them with all the necessary tools they need to do their job effectively. From stationery to an entire IT infrastructure, here are some of the important office equipment requirements you’ll need to consider.

Supplying employees with a vast selection of sources to help complete their work is essential, whether it be the internet or a library of instruction manuals. Providing them with pens, notepads, computers and even an office mug can help them to settle faster.

Make sure that the office is equipped with required furnishings such as tables, office chairs, desks and lighting where necessary. You can even contribute to welfare by providing a sofa in the communal area during lunch breaks.

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