Choosing Joomla as Your Content Management System

Joomla is an Open Source Content Management System that is completely free of charge. The reason why this platform has become so popular is because of the use of extensions to create unlimited possibilities in Web development. This platform is extremely flexible as well as very easy to use.

Choosing Joomla as Your Content Management System

There are a number of websites that can be built from Joomla such as:

  • Business and corporate websites
  • Personal sites and blogs
  • Websites with an educational theme
  • E-commerce storefronts
  • Social networking websites
  • Online publications such as newspapers or magazines

Search Engine Optimization

One of the most important features that Joomla offers is that it is extremely easy to add Search Engine Optimization(SEO) techniques within each page created. Joomla comes complete with its own HTML editor for adding content that is easy to read by search engine spider. You will have full ability to create customized URLs with chosen keyword phrases for SEO purpose.

The truth is that Joomla is also very easy to install and can be up and running in a very short amount of time. Additionally, using this platform as a content management system will require no programming or development knowledge. Anybody can run this program with ease.

Free and Flexible Platform

Joomla is also extremely affordable because it is an open source content management system. Hence, it provides a flexible platform with which to build any website possible. This platform also offers multilingual support as well as content syndication and the ability to act such additions as image galleries, event calendars, blogs, and discussion forums. Just the fact that Joomla is so popular provides a strong indication to how useful this Web application really is. Uploading and downloading is extremely simple through PDF options.

Easy Template and Customization

Finally, Joomla can be customized through its large number of available templates that can be purchased that will satisfy whatever your needs may be. There are virtually an unlimited number of Joomla templates available that are convenience for both business and personal websites. You can change or customize the appearance of your websites without altering or messing with code, content or settings.

Joomla support various operating systems such as UNIX or Windows because all of the elements are stored in a database. This feature has increase the efficiency of Joomla as your preferred Content Management System which also makes it possible to easily update your content in a hassle-free manner. The functionality of this platform can be extended to provide unlimited possibilities through the addition of components, modules, and plug-ins.

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