Choosing Art For Your Living Room

Whether you are investing in an original work of art, buying a limited print, or choosing an attractive poster to hang in your living room, there are plenty of buying options. You may already have a particular piece in mind, if not, try visiting galleries, searching through interiors magazines, or simply be inspired by the local geography before making a final decision.

Displaying art in your home is a great way of expressing your creative side. Sharing this aspect of your personality with friends, makes a unique and enjoyable conversation starter. The living room is where we spend most of our time, whether relaxing with family or entertaining guests, so it is essential to pick a piece of work that you love.

Choosing art because you like its appearance and feel moved by the themes, is a good enough reason. However, when you are displaying it in the most public part of your home, there are other factors to keep in mind.

Choosing Art For Your Living Room
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Relate the art to your space

Consider how the piece will relate to your current interior design. Try to assess how well the principle colours sit with your furniture and accessories. If you are buying a picture with the intention of making it a focal point – it should have impact. However, if you would like an installation that compliments its surroundings rather than dominates them, select a more coordinated work. Certain existing colours will give you more scope, soft furnishings in tones of beige and cream present a good base from which to elaborate a room.

Also, think about the size of the art work in relation to where it will be placed – a large picture can look incongruous and cramped if it does not fit the dimensions of a room. To cover a wall in a smaller room where scale is an issue, a collection of petite prints can be effective. Choose pictures that work well as an ensemble piece and then arrange them in a montage pattern.

Think about frames

Although your work may come ready framed, many mounted pictures can be positioned adequately without them. Given the opportunity, try and select a frame that will enhance its surroundings. Minimalist rooms look great with art staged in straightforward monochrome. Using a plain white or black border allows the subtle nuances of a picture to shine through. In more ornate surroundings, you are free to experiment with a bolder, more extravagant surround.

A huge variety of popular prints are readily available from a number of online stores. Several, including Fishpools even have dedicated household accessories and pictures sections on their site.

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