Cheap Kitchen Design Tips That Don’t Compromise Quality

With the recession seemingly slipping into recurrent dips, most of us are having to ‘tighten our belts’ in order to stay financially afloat. If every time you walk into your kitchen you feel instantly depressed by the well overdue décor that has been niggling at your mind to change for years now but has been put off due to insufficient funds, then you may be pleased to be informed of the following cheap kitchen design tips that don’t compromise quality.

Focus on the walls

There is nothing quite like giving a room a lick of paint to give it instant lift and life. Adding a new coat of paint to kitchen walls has to be one of the most inexpensive ways to transform your kitchen.

It is however important to choose your colour wisely and select a colour scheme that helps create a particular mood you are striving to achieve in your kitchen.

A tile backsplash

Tiles need not be expensive and putting a backsplash of tiles above the counters and throughout the kitchen can breathe new life into the room. Tiles in kitchens also have a practical purpose, particularly when used as a backsplash above work counters where walls can often splashed with food and grease.

Having several layers of tiles immediately above work tops means the area can be cleaned more effectively and with greater ease. Opting for a vibrant colour of tile, such as bright yellow, can help lift the mood of the kitchen without costing you a fortune.

Cheap Kitchen Design
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Add accessories

Accessories can be an invaluable way to help transform an out-dated kitchen design into one that’s more appropriate for your individual home and the current era without going into the red!

Placing herb pots on window sills will not only bring an organic mood to a kitchen but they will also create an instant aroma of authentic cooking. Likewise placing a vase of fresh flowers can generate a more welcoming atmosphere.

Adding bar stools underneath kitchen counters is a budget-friendly way to augment your kitchen’s design without compromising the quality of what is widely seen as the hub of the home.

Consider the lighting

Using different lighting can be a subtle and cheap way to transform the design of a kitchen. Spot lights can create a cosy feel whilst decorative lighting, such as chandeliers, will go a long way in giving your kitchen a more regal and flamboyant look.

Or simply changing the shades on kitchen lamps can go a long way in altering the design of your kitchen without compromising quality or your bank balance.

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