CD Booklet Printing – How to Get a Professional Finish

Whether you’re in a band and you’re looking to sort out a CD to sell at your gigs, or you’re making up CDs for a special occasion to hand out to friends and family – it’s important that the CD looks the business.

If you’ve spent all your spare time compiling the best songs, making sure they’re in the perfect order, and sound great when they’re played one after the other, it makes sense to spend a little time on the presentation of the CD too. That’s where the matter of printing up your CD booklet comes in.

A CD booklet is the finishing touch to making that perfect must-have CD. It’s the place where all the vital information is stored – band members’ names, song lyrics, track titles, production credits. You name it – if it needs to be in it, the CD booklet is the place to put it.

What’s more, when someone’s handed a CD, the booklet is often the first thing you’ll see them looking at – often even before they’ve placed the CD in the stereo and had a listen to it.

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CD booklet printing might seem like a completely different ball game than normal printing, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a total headache. There are plenty of printing companies who are able to help sort out your CD booklet and inlay card requirements. Designs, logos, wording – whatever it is you want to go in the booklet, it’ll be possible to get it printed. Plus, when you hand over the printing element to someone else, it means you can get on with other important stuff – like sorting out your next CD.

Things to consider…

When you’re contemplating getting your CD booklet and/or inlay card printed, it’s wise to ask yourself a few questions first –

  1. What sort of paper would you like your booklet printed on? Matt, gloss and silk finishes are usually possible.
  2. Do you want the front cover laminated or kept the same as the rest of the booklet?
  3. What colour ink do you want to be used?
  4. What is the actual size of your CD booklet or inlay card?
  5. How many pages are there to be printed in total?
  6. How many booklets and cards do you want printed up?
  7. And how quickly do you need them?

It’s wise to make sure you’ve got the answers to all of these questions (or most of them at least) as this means you’ll be able to place your order quickly and with minimal fuss. Once you’ve handed over your printing requirements, make sure you get a proof from the printer before they go ahead and print the whole order. Check this proof closely for any errors such as spelling, grammar and typos.

Once you’ve checked it over twice (or more if you’re really meticulous), and you’re happy with the work, give the printer the go ahead and then all you have to do is wait… A few days later your professional-finish CD booklet will arrive in the post.

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