Breaking in to the Web Design Industry

Web design refers to the development of web material. Breaking into the web industry can be a daunting task. This is because of the numerous challenges that one faces. Competition within this emerging industry is growing stiffer by the day. Therefore, learn ways in which one can get into the market and keep it that way. Such methods include: acquisition of appropriate university qualifications, learning online, taking advantage of the online community and actually applying the skills learnt.

Qualifications and Education

The first step for many learning web design is whilst studying at College or University or by enrolling on a specific course to develop web related skills. This may take a longer than the other options, but it is usually the most reliable way to obtain a recognised degree or qualification which can sometimes be a requirement when a Design Agency is hiring. Another form of study is by online courses which can help develop web design skills from your own home. This option requires investigation before selection to check the legitimacy of the course, relevancy to what you want to learn, investment and the possibility that the course may not be recognised by other bodies.

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Develop your Portfolio

Developing an online portfolio is very valuable for a serious web designer. This is mandatory for a person who wants to exercise their skills and display a working knowledge of the industry. The portfolio should consist of design work and coded, live examples of web sites along with a blog detailing your development and knowledge, showcasing personal skills to potential clients and employers. Optimising the site with the appropriate SEO techniques to make your portfolio appear through search engines can also gain notoriety and possibly generate work from potential clients.

Community Involvement and Social Networks

Once the skills have been learnt and / or the appropriate qualifications acquired, it is time to apply the skills. The best way to apply the skills learnt is through the multiple online options available. These come in the form of social networks, blogs, and forums. These will help the individual to identify some of the best platforms whereby one can make the best out of their skills. Being involved in industry forums, on blogs and social networks can act as a resource for information along with promoting your name and getting you involved in the community.

Develop your Skillset and Languages

The more languages that you learn the more employable you become. A general basis for any role as a Web Designer will require front-end web development skills, so learning languages such as HTML, XHTML, HTML5, CSS and CSS3 along with basic PHP and jQuery skills will put you in good stead. Work on the projects that are comfortable on appropriate platforms such as WordPress to further develop your skills.

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These are the baby steps towards a future of immense opportunities. Participate in job opportunities that provide both experience and challenges. Continually stay involved on online communities and utilise the resources available, stay on top of the latest developments and trends to keep up with the industry and make yourself even more employable. Always remember that being an active member online and having a vast resource base of information and people you have networked with can provide a fallback and help whenever you encounter issues.

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