Blogging to Profit with Micro Niche Blog

Create your money blog from multiple Micro Niche Blog. These is want you need to keep in your mind.

So you have a blog but you are really confused why Adsense revenue is not coming in the way you expected it to be. This is how to blogging to profit with Micro Niche Blog

To be frank you do not deserve any earning from a general type of blog. It needs your tenacity, exposure and ultimately how much you can spend to decorate and to promote it.

You have to prepare a blog that is tinged with some innovative hue. You can only draw money when your blog comes in Search Engine Ranking Page and people find something new to visit your blog. Your ads come in to act since then.

When they find something interesting in your blog they click on them. You are not done. You expect them to buy something or come closer to that so that your revenue is higher than usual.

Blogging to Profit with Micro Niche Blog

In this regard I can tell you something that micro niche blogs have brought revolutionary changes in Adsense earning. The advantage on micro niche blog over a normal blog is that micro niche blogs are easy to maintain.

If the keyword research is done quite efficiently you just keep on writing contents along with promoting your site in search engines so that they come in search engines quite successfully.

If your blog concentrates on micro niche you just keep the following things in mind all the time:

Proper Keyword Research

It is the most important thing you have to do at the early days. Always prefer product based keywords because they can be of lower search volumes and if the competition is less the opportunity to stand erect is much higher than usual.

Domain name

If the domain name of your blog contains the base keyword of your blog your job is relatively easy. Domain name of a blog tells visitors more than you tell about the blog.

Perfect choice of template

You can easily find micro niche themes present in some sites. You can choose a free template with out any hesitation but the template must be capable of earning high CTR.

Informative Contents

Put as much article as you can on your blog. But the articles must be keyword optimized and keyword density should not be more than 2- 4%.

On page SEO

Possibly this is the most important thing to consider. Proper H1 tags, Meta description, images with alt tags are very crucial. Create site map to allow search engines to visit your site again and again.

Off page SEO

Submit articles to directories i.e. EzineArticles, Buzzle, Amazines, search wrap, article city etc. Post comments to do follow blogs. Submit articles to social networking sites i.e. digg, facebook, twitter.

Forum posting is also another way to build back links. What ever you do with your own thoughts is really appreciable. But all these basic steps are very crucial in deed when the actual moment comes.

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