Billboards And More: Five Outdoor Advertising Ideas For Business

When most people think of outdoor advertising the first thing they usually think of is billboards. And although billboards are a great promotional medium, they’re not the only way to get your name out to the public. Further, in some instances, billboards can’t be used, so other mediums must take their place. The article will serve as a primer for a more complete look at what outdoor advertising opportunities are available.


Five Outdoor Advertising Ideas For Business

Say whatever you wish about them, billboards are an excellent method of advertising for small or large businesses. Especially with the economy being in the state it is in, billboard companies will offer you very good deals on their products. Further, when you rent one in a good location, you can reach huge numbers of people who pass them. The trick is to buy those billboards that are in good proven locations. Not all billboard companies can prove that their billboards have good viewerships. Pick only those that do. You will be glad you did.

Walls and Spectaculars

When is a billboard not a billboard? When your ad is on a wall or a banner that is fixed to a wall. Used in this manner, visuals are called walls and spectaculars, and they have earned a reputation as huge attention-getters. In fact, put together something unusual in these cases, and there’s a good chance that your business will attract not only viewers but media as well.

Taking the Airwaves

In this case airwaves don’t refer to television and radio. Instead, they are advertising methods that rely on the wind to carry your message. These include plumes, flags, banners, and other methods that fly or wave in the air. Their movement alone gets attention for them, but add your promotional message and their potential to reach your audience is unlimited.

Living Placards

We seem to spend a lot of time laughing at them, but they work, those people on street corners all decked out in their strange costumes and spinning signs who attract out attention to whatever it is that they are promoting. They can be pretty strange with their dancing, costumes, and wild eye wear, but they get attention–sometimes lots of attention – that brings business to your door.

Movie Billboards

A very new outdoor advertising trend is movie billboards. These are portable screens that can be constructed or even inflated and can show a promotional message to virtually anyone who is near. They have no sound to accompany them, but they get a lot of attention, partly because they are such a new phenomenon, but they’re also designed to draw you in.

Regardless of the outdoor promotional method or methods you use, keep one thing in mind: the more of the best methods you have at your disposal better. That’s not to say to just pick any method and use it, because some methods might not fit your business, but once you find one or more that do fit your style, use it heavily. Simply put, outdoor advertising works.

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