Axvoice VS Vonage – Which is the best VoIP service

When you have so many obvious VoIP services to choose from, choosing the right one can be a real challenge. We will however look at two of the top VoIP providers that are shortlisted by smart potential VoIP users. Our comparison will be based on meaningful features that directly impact the customers instead of dragging the two VoIP service providers into useless discussion. Here goes the equivalence.

Axvoice VS Vonage - Which is the best VoIP service


Let us put aside the discussion of voice quality for a moment and assume that both Axvoice and Vonage offer the same voice quality. Different customers have varying purchasing powers and calling needs. A good VoIP service provider’s real challenge is to package all its calling plans in such a way that every VoIP user is able to relate his calling needs to a specific plan, thinking as if a particular calling plan has just been made for him. This exhaustiveness has to be so meticulous that no customer should feel left out of the equation. Axvoice calling plan starts from $ 0 per month, giving more independence to the VoIP users to choose that plan which not only meets their needs but fits their pocket too.

Call plan flexibility

Call plan flexibility allows customers to choose from different set of calling plans. A lot of customers often face the problem of choosing a plan that just meets their calling needs. However, most companies lack the level of call plan flexibility needed to accommodate the calling needs of a cross section of customers. The first thing I noticed while looking at the call plans for this review was the ability of a company to effectively communicate the calling plans to its customers, which Vonage seriously lacked. You just open their plans page; and you will come to know what I am talking about. Secondly, after having a close look at both the plans, I found more fancy wording used on Vonage’s site. But under the hood, Vonage calling plans offered no flexibility what so ever. And lastly yet ironically, Vonage does not allow you to buy a calling plan on a monthly renewal basis like Axvoice. I, as a user, need a calling plan that understands my needs instead of dictating me the terms of a company’s own convenience. In here, I would say, Axvoice was a winner by far.

Bring your own device

Now this is where things will get really touchy. I have been analyzing VoIP services since the inception of the VoIP service industry, but have not seen such a tyranny where a company just pushes its customers to buy its own device only. Vonage does not allow you to bring your own device, which is a clear sign of monopoly and unconcerned behavior towards customers. On contrary, Axvoice frees you from the compulsion of buying its own equipment only. You can BOYD (bring your own device) and enjoy the service, the way you like.

Softphone support

Axvoice does not charge you for using softphone with its VoIP service; on the other hand you have to pay Vonage to use a third party softphone. This is kind of weird, because a softphone is just the front end software and someone may want a different layout for any reason specially while travelling. I won’t sign up with a company that just charges me for using some other software. What kind of customer experience does a company like this claim to deliver, when it can’t just stand a different piece of software?

Site layout

First point of contact for customers is always a company’s website from where they gather their first impressions about a company. Looking at Axvoice and Vonage were altogether two contrasting experiences. I found Axvoice a simple and straight forward website where everything seemed so easy to access. I as a user was able to find all the information just a click or two away. However, Vonage’s site navigation was nightmarish at best. Everything seemed so cluttered. The coloring scheme of the site was not aiding user’s readability in any way. I just had to close the page to get out of there.

The right decision

Who would you choose? A company that has so much to offer at such low prices or an authoritarian who just wants everything to be the way it likes.

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