Are Your Poor Performers Damaging Your Business?

The business world is more competitive than ever. It’s no longer enough to be just good enough, and one person not giving it their all can damage the entire company. You can’t be happy with being average; you need to be on top form, all the time. If you’re the type of employer who is more than happy to receive a less than stellar effort from your employees you’re doing them and the company a major injustice.

Raising the Bar

It’s not easy to be the type of employer that motivates employees enough to ensure they give it their all. Raising the bar is hard work and the need to take corrective steps isn’t always a nice experience but it’s essential. Where to begin is up to you but you can’t do anything until you’ve identified who are the top workers in your firm, who is average and who the weak ones are. As the top performers are currently taking care of themselves for now you can choose to work on the average or the weak first.

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Starting with the Weakest

According to research if you begin shaping up the weakest workers first the next group will automatically start raising their game. So perhaps the best place is to start there. You must start making your weakest performers take accountability for their actions. If you ignore tardiness and mistakes you’re sending the wrong message in the company, so that needs to stop.

Begin by shaping up the job descriptions. Give everyone a clear definition of their role and the duties you expect from them. Create consequences for poor work and performance and as a result you’ll find the average workers step up their own performance in order to avoid any action. Performance standards are essential and sadly many companies ignore this vital step.

The Training Issue

When an employer isn’t performing to the standards you set your job is to work out why. It’s often a training issue. The person may be a great worker but they are not in the ideal role. If this is the case you have the option of finding them a new position within the company or providing suitable training that will give them the tools and the knowhow to do their job well. There are many affordable training options to consider and you can see what we offer to find a suitable course.

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Alternatively the poor performer might have poor work habits, and if you fail to motivate them you may need to terminate them from the role. Those who won’t perform for you at a suitable standard are not good for your business. You need to let them loose and show that you expect more from your employees. These actions will serve to boost the efforts of your other employees. So long as you provide training, give clear instruction and work to motivate and boost productivity your company will continue to thrive.

If you do want to be successful focus on working out who your poor and average performers are. Take on a zero tolerance stance for mediocre work and push for more from each of your employees.

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