Are your employees happy? Training is vital to satisfied and productive employees!

Most people don’t like to change jobs, it’s a hassle, it’s no fun being the new kid on the block, lacking seniority, and it inhibits job security. This means that when an employee leaves, it’s generally over a pretty serious issue – most of the time stemming from conflicts with the people, or possibilities of a better offer somewhere else.

The important thing to know as employers is that replacing a staff member who is fully trained and competent in their job costs about 1.5 times that employee’s burdened salary.  It simply makes financial sense to retain as many current staff members as possible, in addition to showcasing little disruption to clients, keeping a consistent culture where employees feel secure, and retaining knowledgeable, experienced staff.

Are your employees happy?  Training is vital to satisfied and productive employees!
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It is often quoted that “employees don’t quit jobs, they quit managers,” so the problem is well known, but what about the solution?  Says Deborah Moses-Elton, owner of VerisVisalign, experts in ITIL and other IT training, proper management and skills, training can help alleviate unhappy employees and keep everyone motivated to perform at their best.

“When participants come to our ITIL or PMP Boot Camps, they leave re-energized about what they do, and take that enthusiasm back to their offices,” states Moses-Elton.  “We see evaluations from people in our classes all the time that have remarks about seeing their role in a different light, or having renewed interest in their job.”

The second biggest reason that people quit their jobs is due to a lack of career growth opportunities.  Most people expect to stay at their jobs less than three years, which can result from boredom and a yearning for new challenges.  Keeping employees engaged and excited about their jobs is important to retaining vital staff.

Offering proper training at the start of a new job is extremely important for setting a new employee up for success right from the start, but continued training is just as necessary.  As a trainer hired to perform employee training, Moses-Elton says “encouraging employees to seek continual improvement ideas and endeavors provides decision-making enablement that helps them feel satisfied.”

In a recent ITIL Continual Service Improvement class at a large pharmaceutical company, the VerisVisalign trainers heard ideas that came from motivated learners—even some they hadn’t heard from clients previously. Moses-Elton concludes, “new ideas and enthusiastic employees translate to bottom line dollars for the employer.”

We are all busy at our jobs, and with unemployment at high levels, fewer people are asked to do more all the time.  However, investing in quality staff is necessary to a successful business, and keeping that staff trained properly can be imperative to maintaining through the tough times.

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