ArcadiaCharts: Interactive Charting Library for JavaScript and GWT

ArcadiaCharts, interactive JavaScript and GWT charts which run in all browsers without plugins.

Have you ever thinking of getting a software which can easily create a high-quality charts and impress potential clients with 2D or 2D attractive and interactive design for your business presentation?

Arcadia Charts

Everything is possible with ArcadiaCharts, an awesome hassle-free Javascript and GWT charting library for simple users who dreams of creating abundance chart types with sleek and modern design within minutes.

With ArcadiaCharts, you can easily create an interactive 2D or 3D charts for mostly all commonly used type of chart such as line, pie, donut, area, bar, logarithmic scale charts and many more.

First Class Themes & Templates

Arcadia Charts

ArcadiaCharts is all about user simplicity and first class design. You may find that ArcadiaCharts contains a rich library full of high quality and professional looking chart designs templates and themes plus huge collection of charts samples.

With just a few click choosing a pre-defined theme files after content input, your charts will be generated with full of HTML5 beauty features and high quality chart design.

Skip Flash. HTML5 is the new hype!

Arcadia Charts

Flash? No, thanks. It is pretty clear that HTML5 is the future of the web and thank god ArcadiaCharts runs on all HTML5-compliant platforms. Forgets the past, aim for the future!


As a web designer, few points that mentioned above such as support of commonly used type of chart, pre-defined templates and the beauty of HTML5 reflect my point and feeling that this software is essentials in a way to facilitate and improve the efficiency of creating and designing graphs and charts interactively.

Designing charts using graphics editing program such as Photoshop still works but it is obviously inefficient in the way that data or input content are fixed and not dynamic. We can’t blame anyone to favor any method of software, but it is all about the future.

The future is in your hand.

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