Advantages And Attributes Of Using A Perforated PVC Banner

An intelligent businessman will never miss a good opportunity of promoting or advertising his products or services. Standing out and getting noticed is often equated with gaining business and securing more profit. A perforated PVC banner can help you in achieving these results with ease and in a cost effective manner.

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As the name suggests, this kind of banner is made from PVC mesh. The perforations on these banners let air and light to pass through. This means, when put on things like a building, the banners do not look as if they have wrapped around or blindfolded the area. The passage of light creates a soothing atmosphere.


Companies use a perforated PVC banner to convey a message or to promote a service or product. Depending upon the message, these banners can be digitally printed with photographs, illustrations, or letters. Sometimes companies prefer using just the logo with a call to action or to announce a special event. There is no end to the ways in which a perforated PVC banner can be used. You can go as far as your imagination takes you.


The perforated PVC banners can be printed using a resolution of 720 dpi (dots per inch). As far as designing goes, this means you can print even the most intricate patterns right on the mesh itself. This enhances the visual appeal of the content that is put on the banner. This opens up avenues of expression and lets a proactive businessman use the medium as an effective and innovative tool of advertising. However, the best part is, the printing technique that is used in this case although modern is also easy to handle.


One of the biggest advantages of a perforated PVC banner draws from its very construction. The mesh does not offer a resistance to wind. Instead, it lets the wind pass through the perforations. This in turn reduces the force with which the wind hits the banners. They can withstand windy days and locations. These banners are also extremely durable and can be used to survive even the harshest weather conditions.


Like any PVC banner, a perforated PVC banner can be fitted with the help of eyelets, hemmings, and pole pockets. This makes them especially useful to be placed at virtually any location. From scaffolding to renovation projects, from stages to outdoor event platforms, these banners can be seen everywhere.


A perforated PVC banner is available in any shape or size. You can completely adapt these banners to suit your needs. This also means you can use it in huge sizes that can be very effective in attracting attention especially at a busy location. If you want to advertise something strong and durable, using these banners will be a creative way to mirror the qualities of the product.

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