A Guide to Video Conferencing

When meeting with people from remote offices or clients and investors from abroad, does it become impossible to gather at one place conveniently? Meet

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A Guide to Video Conferencing

When meeting with people from remote offices or clients and investors from abroad, does it become impossible to gather at one place conveniently? Meetings can get pushed further and further back to reach every attendee’s needs and the costs of bringing people together can often become difficult to justify.

Video conferencing has fast become the best, most cost effective way of getting people together. It may at first seem a daunting concept to introduce video conferences to your company, but with more and more businesses welcoming it with open arms, this guide will help you understand the benefits of doing so and tell you how to get set up.

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What is video conferencing?

Video conferencing is when two or more people meet via computer networks. Each location has a video camera, microphone and speakers to ensure that participants are being seen and heard.  

Many laptops come with the basic requirements already, but for professional meetings, particularly larger scale ones where more than one participant is in the same location, it is best to have equipment installed into a dedicated meeting space – more on this later.

How video conferencing benefits businesses?

Video conferencing has many benefits for businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether you are in regular contact with a client or have monthly organisation-wide meetings, video conferences make the process much easier.

How it saves time and money

How much does your company pay in travel costs for meetings alone? If your staff members ever have to drive or take public transport to meetings, the costs soon mount up. The time taken to get from one meeting to another also soon builds – time which can be better spent.

By introducing video conference meetings to your company, all these costs and the time wasted can be saved.

Adding new technology to your business may seem like an expensive choice, but it is a lot more cost effective than the ever-rising cost of travelling. What’s more, by travelling less, you are reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint by trading in the long journeys and replacing them with video conferencing.

How it improves collaboration and productivity?

A team that collaborates is stronger than a team that does not because collaboration is empowering to staff. By holding video conferences, it makes it a lot easier to bring together teams that would otherwise work independently, leading to exchanges in ideas and staff that generally feel more connected.

Productivity is also increased with video conferences, as data can be shared easily. Sending over that spread sheet which needs extra data input can be worked on together, and screen sharing can help staff better understand the work that other team members do. This can save time and money on additional training.  

How to set up video conferencing?

Now you have a good understanding of the benefits of video conferencing for your business, it’s time to find out how to get started.

The equipment needed

There’s no need to worry about what equipment you will need if you contract an audio visual company to set up video conferencing for you – all you will need is a broadband connection and a room to be set up in and they will do the rest.

Remember that like any other meeting, you will want the room to be quiet and large enough for if you ever need to do a conference meeting with a team of staff at your end.

Where the equipment will go?

Video conferencing equipment does not take up a lot of space at all. It is deliberately designed to fit within your meeting rooms, conference rooms or board rooms without causing clutter, and can be integrated into furnishings.

You want your meeting room space to look professional regardless of whether a client or investor is physically in the room or joining you via video link, so this is considered when any equipment is installed. 

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