9 Simple Tips for Professional Wedding Photography

We have often heard people asking about Professional Wedding photography. Though I don’t consider myself as adroit as the pro wedding photographers, but the experience of photographing on a number of weddings of friends and family has helped me learn a few things.

Basic of ISO

Image credits to Jose Villa

Following are some of the things that many of you might find useful.

Make a List

The first thing you need to do is to ask the couple about the photographs they would want you to take. You can make a list to ensure you don’t disappoint the couple afterwards by not taking their picture with someone close to them.

Explore the Venue

It is always better to take a round of the venue before the wedding takes place. It will help you get an idea about the place and you can think about the various creative angles and locations for taking photos on the special day. This can really make a difference and you will notice the result of your hard work in the beautifully shot photographs.

Switch off Camera Beeps

Make sure your camera doesn’t beep every now and then. It is never going to give a professional look and will also add to a lot of awkward moments.

Capture Details

If you are aiming for professional wedding photography, you cannot afford to skip the tiny details in your photography like shots of rings, the elegant wedding gown and flowers etc. This gives a touch of professionalism.

Extra Camera

Make sure you have two cameras on the big day. Better put wide angle lens in one and take photos having longer lens with the other according to the requirement of a situation and place.

Assistant Photographer

You should get some assistant photographer to help you out in capturing every important moment and detail. There are loads of aspiring photographers to get a chance to show their talent to the world. You can hire one; it will help them pave their way while providing you help on the big day.

Backgrounds of Photos

Often the most difficult thing on a wedding is to locate a place where guests won’t be roaming round and consequently appearing in the background of photographs. It does not give a nice look to the picture. So, you need to locate a place at the venue which is beautiful and where you can take shots without fretting about the wandering guests.

Avoid Deleting Photos

Do not delete pictures that you don’t like. It is an irresistible urge while using a digital camera. Even if you don’t like the picture, instead of deleting it right away, take another shot and while you develop them, assess at ease which photos need to be deleted and which ones need just a little editing.

Be Creative

Be imaginative. Instead of taking every photo the traditional way, with formal poses etc., try getting a little funky and take photos with different angles by making people pose a little differently. This can always add an extra bit to the wedding album.

Keep these 9 points in mind, you are certainly going to impress your clients by the level of professionalism oozing through your shots.