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8 Great Websites and Resources You Never Heard of Before

Here is the list of great website and resources on the internet that we believe you might not have never heard of it before.

There are a lot of great websites and resources on the Internet that could really help you in any part of your work or life. Unfortunately, even using a search engine, it’s not always easy to find them.

So, here is a great list of some very useful services and websites that helped me, but which I could have never found if they weren’t recommended to me by other people. I hope they will help you as well.

8 Great Websites and Resources - SeekLogo

If you need a few sample logos for your website or for your clients (if you are a web designer), this service will prove very useful.

What it does is search through a large database of over 300,000 logotypes in vector formats (which means they can be infinitely optimized without losing quality, avoiding the problems with small images), which you can use as a starting point for your own logo or simply use unchanged on your sites, if the copyright allows it.

2. Unlock-PDF

8 Great Websites and Resources - Unlock-PDF

This site will help you edit or print any PDF’s you have that are locked (or secured, as Adobe says), which is very useful sometimes.

The bad thing is that it won’t unlock any PDF files which are password-protected and can’t be opened at all, because that is considered illegal cracking.

3. PokeTalk

This is a great online service that allows you to call and message any numbers in over 50 countries for free!

If you’re familiar with Skype, you’ll know how much you can save by calling international numbers over the Internet, but Skype charges money for that (albeit much less than phone companies).

I think PokeTalk will become paid like Skype in the future, but for now, you can use it to make free calls and send free SMS messages to anyone in the world, for absolutely free!

4. TunesBag

This service allows you to upload your entire music collection to their online storage facilities and access it from anywhere in the world, anytime you want.

Very useful when you have a great playlist, but forget your player at home, or if you’re a DJ that has gigs all over town and need a backup, fail-proof way to ensure that the music is always with you.

You can also share all your songs with other users of the site, which is a great bonus.

5. ConvertHub

8 Great Websites and Resources - ConvertHub

You may know about this site already, but I included it anyway, as I was really surprised such a site existed when I found it.

It is very useful, especially if you like to take photos and upload them to various sites and send them to friends by MMS or email.

ConvertHub is simply an image file conversion service that converts a lot of image formats (like JPEG, PNG and GIF) between them. Now you have a solution for all those times when you computer says “This image format is not supported”.

6. ClassicCat

8 Great Websites and Resources - ClassicCat

This is an online catalog of all the places where you can find classic music. It is also great because it has a minimum level of quality (128 kbps), which ensures all the songs on the site are in at least decent quality and you’re not going on a wild goose chase when downloading them.

By the way, if you like classic music, you’ll be surprised (if you don’t already know) that it’s completely free and you can legally download it without worries, unlike much of the modern music.

7. Springer Exemplar

8 Great Websites and Resources - Springer Exemplar

This is a great service that shows you the synonyms and meaning of any word and how it’s used in real discussions.

Until I found Springer Exemplar, I used to find the meaning and synonyms of words by using Google’s “define” function (you use it by typing “define:” and the word you need after it, like this “define:aircraft”).

Now I have a second, better service that shows me real uses (in sentences, speech, phrases, etc.) of a word and its synonyms.

8. Lingt

8 Great Websites and Resources - Lingt

Lingt is a great free service that will help you learn a new language, but not with usual methods, which are often boring and hard.

They have their own, special interactive learning method which is fun and can be used from anywhere.

So, now you can learn a new language when you’re at home, at a break in the office or even on the beach with a laptop (and an Internet connection).


I’m sure you’ll find at least some of the above services and websites useful. I sure found them helpful, and my life and work would be quite a bit harder without them.

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