7 Ways to Prevent Fire in the Work Place

Whilst there is no way any workplace can be 100% fireproof, there are certainly a number of steps that can be take in reducing the chance of a fire, and here are 7 of them!

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7. Undertaking frequent risk assessments

Undertaking risk assessments at frequent times is essential if you’re to keep on top of the factors that may cause a fire. Generally workplaces can change on a day to day basis, and with such changes comes increasing or decreasing risks.

6. Checking that fire alarms work

Whilst this may not prevent the fire starting in the first place, it certainly is essential if you’re to have half a chance of quelling the fire before it turns into something major.

5. Undertaking regular staff training

Regular staff training is essential if you’re to both reduce the risk of a future fire and ensure the safety of your staff should a fire break out. In addition to the standard training (e.g. fire extinguisher safety and use) you should also hold regular fire drills.

4. Ensuring that all electrical items are up to date with their PAT tests

All of the electrical items on your work premises should be PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) tested and should undergo this test every 12 months.

3. Have a machinery maintenance log book (and stick to it!)

There may be some pieces of equipment that require more frequent checks than those undertaken once a year as defined by the PAT test. This is particularly the case in factories that manufacture goods. In such instances it may well be down to the employer as to how often maintenance checks are undertaken and ensuring that they are regular and thorough may fall by the wayside when the factory has a deadline looming.

It’s vital that this is avoided if the risk of fire is to be kept to a minimum, so have a machinery maintenance schedule and stick to it!

2. Follow good housekeeping rules!

Good housekeeping rules include:

  • Keeping electrical items clean and free from dust.
  • Cleaning air maintenance systems regularly.
  • Ensuring that workers only smoke in the designated area.
  • Ensure that areas within the workplace don’t become dumping grounds.


1. Follow best practice security tips to avoid falling victim to arson

Arson is very often a more frequent occurrence than many business owners realise. That said however the following straight forward tips can help the average business in avoiding this frequent crime:

  • Install and maintain CCTV.
  • Ensure that your locks are up to a good standard.
  • Light up any dark areas around your building.
  • Don’t leave any flammable materials outside.

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