7 Ways Blogging Helps Your Search Marketing Efforts

There are a few businesses with the kind of brand recognition and customer base that leads them away from having to engage in guerrilla marketing. Kle

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7 Ways Blogging Helps Your Search Marketing Efforts

There are a few businesses with the kind of brand recognition and customer base that leads them away from having to engage in guerrilla marketing. Kleer-Fax, Inc., for example, maker of paper-based office products for more than 40 years, supplies office products dealers in North America and the UK from their New York location, and many customers buy from their website, as well.

Shoppers on their site will see that there’s no blog or news links, just product shopping. Why? Between a unique name, customer engagement, and a history of superior customer service, they don’t need to.

For the rest of us, blogging provides a great way to grab visitors by increasing search engine optimization (SEO), helping readers find good information while learning about products or services.

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Increase SEO

The blog Married to an Ambot, written by “Anna Banana” goes into detail with many posts about how she is able to stay on top of searches for people wanting to know about Amway Global, a network marketing company she hates.

By discussing a variety of related issues, and also with the comments readers contribute, her web pages jump above others based on what people are looking for.

Help Readers Find Good Information

A blog is meant to inform or entertain. For those who can do both, increased readership will result. From this, more revenue will come in.

Blogging Creates Marginal Income

In economics, marginal income is that that is beyond the normal scope of a company’s mission or plan. Websites can be connected to shopping sites, have advertisements for related goods and services, and can even offer space for a short video clip to someone willing to pay for it. This all brings in additional cash.

Refer Current Customers; Increase Engagement

Customer involvement is good, but customer engagement is great. When customers get engaged with your brand, they become loyal to it, and refer others.

A blog can help answer questions that younger, more tech-friendly, customers may have. In fact, in answering a question over email – about a promotion perhaps – one can send a link to the blog, which will open the door.

Blogging Brings More Personality to Your Company

This is an area that could be good or bad. As the great comedian Bill Cosby said when someone he knew told him they liked to take a certain recreational drug “because it enhances [his] personality,” Cosby replied, “but what if you’re an [expletive deleted]?”

Joking aside, by utilizing a blog, customers can get to know you and your company better, and on occasion may even want to contribute themselves.

Contributing Bloggers Brings Great Referrals

Many people in various industries enjoy writing and want to share what they know. If a corporation’s blog allowed contribution submissions, they would increase customer engagement. In addition to that, when the post goes live, the writer will likely link to it, or send an email to friends and colleagues about it, driving more traffic to you!

Blogging can Help a Company’s Reputation

Just as personality can be iffy, so can the reputation side of it. Obviously, if you go negative against the competition every day, this will bring certain results as will trying to write just for the money. Regarding the latter, many sites used to use keyword stuffing until Google put the kabosh on it by sinking them into the nether regions of searches in 2011. This was great for readers because sites like Canada’s


, that were unreadable due to this practice, no longer had top billing, nor should they have.

By being honest, informative, entertaining, and accommodating to those who are interested in posting something, more people will come to know your brand in a positive light, and love you for it.

Some companies, such as Tylenol, Costco, and Kleer-Fax may not feel the need to blog…yet. But for the benefits that quality blogging can bring, and the many ways it can help your search marketing efforts, perhaps they should be.

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