7 Tips to Get Quality Comments and Feedbacks

Here are 7 tips for pulling lots of quality comments on your blog

Let’s take a look at most popular blogs out there. What do you think make those blogs so popular? Content?Yes, content matters, but it’s so obvious, and we are not going to talk about it right now. Aside from content, what makes a blog so interesting to read? The thing that makes a blog so interesting to read is the engagement that it offers to the readers.

Most people will say that the thing that makes a blog so interesting to read is the comment section, and they are right. Most people even visit a blog just to read the comments and join the discussion. Many blogs even have comments that are more interesting that the content itself.

So, it’s very important for your blog to have lots of quality comments. Otherwise, your blog will not be considered attractive. How can you attract lots of quality comments on your blog? Here are 7 tips for pulling lots of quality comments on your blog:

1. Stir The Controversy

What is the most effective way to attract comments to your blog? The answer is controversy. Pick a controversial topic that is popular today and write about it on your blog. Try to be a little provocative in your post so that you can arouse your reader’s emotion.

This is the key to make your readers want to write comments on your blog. If you can successfully arouse their emotion, you’ll make them speak.

2. Talk With Your Readers

Don’t write your blog post as if you’re writing to a wall. Remember that there are readers out there waiting for your next post.

So, talk with them like you’re talking with someone you know well. Present your content as a nice information source that is easy to digest.

Don’t forget to help them to solve their problem. Leave some questions unanswered to give your readers the chance to ask those questions in the comment section.

3. Post About Hot Topic

What’s hot today? People like to talk about something that is being talked about lots of people right now. Want to pull some traffic to your blog as well as fire your blog with great comments?

You should post about hot topic that is being talked about today. Give your opinion about that topic and let your readers to give their opinions too. It will create interesting discussion in your blog.

4. Be Skeptical In Your Writing

Don’t be too optimistic with your writing. Be skeptical. It doesn’t mean that you need to be negative (even though it’s okay if you do it). Try to question everything. Let your readers to think together with you. There are many things that you can criticize.

You can criticize about how bad the world is, or how bad some products are, and so on. This will let your readers to think and contribute to the discussion.

5. Create A Completely Stupid And Funny Post

This is another way to attract good comments to your blog as well as make your content viral. You just need to create a completely stupid and funny post that makes your readers laugh.

Put some humor in your post and see how fun it is to read your own post. This can lead your readers to write spontaneous comments in your blog.

6. Respond To The Comments

Motivate your readers to comment on your blog post by responding to their comments. You want to keep your comment section active. When your readers see that you’re actively responding to their comments, they will put more comments to your post. Be helpful to your readers so that they will like your blog even more.

7. Give More Information In Your Comments

If your readers ask about something in the comment section, you should give some additional information that is not included in the content of your blog. In this way, you can encourage your readers to ask about many things related to the content of your blog. This can create healthy discussion in your blog, and it can attract lots of valuable comments to your post.


Those are 7 tips for pulling lots of quality comments on your blog. Do you have a blog that no one wants to comment on? Follow the tips above to fill your blog with quality comments.

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