7 Tips For Making Money From Blog That Barely Gets Traffic

7 Tips For Making Money From Blog That Barely Gets Traffic

How can you make money from a blog that doesn’t have enough traffic that you can monetize?

Well, this might sound like a big problem for many people, but if you can change the way you do your promotion, you will be able to make money from your blog even though the traffic is not good.

Here are 7 tips for making money from blog that barely gets traffic:

1. Optimize Your Title And Description

First of all, if you have barely enough traffic to monetize, it is better for you to do two most important things for your blog.

First, you can increase your traffic. Second, you can maximize your conversion.

By optimizing your title and description, you are helping your blog to attain better ranking in the search engine. What keywords that you target? Take a look at the first page listing for those keywords.

Observe the title and description of the sites in the first page result. Optimize your title and description so that it can attract more clicks to your website.

2. Tweak Your Copy

Next, you need to maximize your conversion. How do you do that? You can do it by tweaking your copy.

In other words, you have to make your blog content more interesting to your readers. Read your copy out loud and see if you can be persuaded to buy your product by reading your own copy.

If you can’t even persuade yourself, you might not be able to persuade others as well. Tweak your copy so that it becomes more persuasive for your readers.

3. Add More Entertainment To Your Blog

Why do you have so little traffic in your blog? That’s probably because your blog is so boring for your readers.

If you’re just offering information after information without paying much attention to the entertainment aspect of your blog, you will end up making your visitors to leave your blog quickly.

Besides, people will be more interested to buy the product that you promote on your blog if they feel entertained with the way you present that information. So, try to add some good quality images and a video to your blog posts in order to entertain your blog visitors more.

4. Make Sure That The Traffic Is Targeted

It doesn’t matter much if you have low traffic in your blog as long as it is targeted traffic. It means that you need to attract people who are really interested in your blog topic.

Without attracting targeted traffic, you won’t be able to monetize your blog effectively. So, what’s the source of your traffic? If it’s not targeted, then your traffic might not have much value at all.

You should attract more targeted traffic to your blog in order to maximize your conversion rate.

5. Minimize Bounce Rate

The bounce rate in your blog can be a real problem for you. Why? That’s because when you have very little traffic to convert, it will make it more difficult to convert your traffic if the majority of your visitors leave your blog within few seconds.

So, you have to apply some strategies to minimize your bounce rate?

First, you have to make your blog more professional-looking so that you can keep your visitors comfortable with your blog.

Second, you have to make your content more appealing, like changing your headlines using powerful headlines that you swipe from magazine headlines and so on.

The key is to create a good first impression for your visitors.

6. Improve Your Landing Page

Your blog landing page should also be improved because it is the most important thing that you will need to monetize your blog.

Generally, you need to improve the look of your landing page as well as the overall presentation of it. Make it looks more intriguing and interesting to your visitors. You want them to be very curious when they read your landing page.

Follow AIDA principle if you want:


7. Promote Your Product More Effectively

When it comes to promoting your product in your blog, be sure to do it effectively. First, you need to promote a completely relevant product for your audience. Second, the way you promote your product should follow the logical steps within your audience’s mind.

It starts with the problem and then you go slowly to the solution of that problem. Stir your audience’s emotion along the way. This will help you to increase your conversion significantly.


Those are 7 tips for making money from blog that barely gets traffic. If you follow those tips, you can still make good money promoting products on your low traffic blog.

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