7 Cleaning Basics You Should Be Aware Of

In this age of dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and cleaning maids, most people don’t seem to know how to get the grease off the kitchen sink or the grime covering the insides of an oven. So we’re here to remind you of how simple cleaning can be. Or if you know of someone who has zero knowledge about house cleaning, show him or her this list.

1. Washing Dishes Without a Dishwasher

Washing Dishes Without a Dishwasher
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The dishwasher broke down? No problem. With hot water, dish soap, and more hot water, all the dishes will be clean and bacteria-free if you do things right. Here’s how you do it: wash off the grease with hot water, scrub the dishes with soap, then rinse the dishes in another sink full of hot water.

2. Sanitizing a Kitchen Sink

Sanitizing a Kitchen Sink
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A kitchen isn’t considered clean if the sink is all slimy. To bring it back to being squeaky clean, you should wipe off all the food and juice, plug it up, put anti-bacterial soap, pour boiling water into it, then rinse it out after 5 to 10 minutes. You should repeat this process several times a week to prevent the slime and food remains from accumulating.

3. Eliminating Bacteria from Your Cutting Boards

Eliminating Bacteria from Your Cutting Boards
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Aside from the sink, the cutting board is probably the dirtiest utensil in any kitchen. Whether it’s made of wood or plastic, it will still be dirty as hell if you don’t make the habit of cleaning it in a regular basis. If you have a wooden cutting board, you should use clean it with oil (preferably coconut oil) in addition to rinsing it with lukewarm water. If the board is made of plastic, it’s still best to use dish soap and hot water. As to the odour, you can get rid of it by using a combination of vinegar, water, baking soda and slices of lemon.

4. Getting Rid of Grease Stuck on Your Clothes

Getting Rid of Grease Stuck on Your Clothes
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Grease stains on clothes are rather nasty and often difficult to wash off. But with two cool tricks, you can get rid of them easily. Here’s how – rub chalk on the grease stains as chalk powder can effectively absorb oil and grease, rub simple dish soap on the affected part, let it sit for a little while then rinse. Voila, the grease is now gone.

5. Cleaning the Insides of Your Oven

Cleaning the Insides of Your Oven
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Get a sprayer, mix baking soda with the water then spray the mixture in the insides of the oven. Let the mixture sink in for an hour then scrape off the grime with a washcloth. Repeat the process until the oven is squeaky clean.

6. Getting Rid of Ugly Mineral Deposits

Getting Rid of Ugly Mineral Deposits
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Those unattractive water stains around your faucet can be a huge turn-off to a guest. Get rid of them efficiently by soaking paper towels with white vinegar them wrapping them around the affected parts of the faucet. Every hour or so, check on the faucet, rub it with a dish cloth, add another round of paper towels with vinegar – repeat this process until the minerals and stains are cleaned off.

7. Pulling Accumulated Hair Out of a Drain

Pulling Accumulated Hair Out of a Drain
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Simply use a product called Zip-It. It’s just a long and slender strip of plastic that you stick into your drain, turn it around a bit then pull it off. And all the hair accumulated there will be gone. That would mean no more clogged drains for you.

Now that you know how to clean using these basic tricks, go and clean your house now! If you still think it’s too much for you to handle, or just want the convenient of a cleaning service professional, and happen to live around New York city area, give Home Joe, a cleaning services in NYC a try!

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