6 Essential Ways to Boost the Exposure of Your Blog

You know how to create excellent blog content if you regularly read CariBlogger.com. But, what can you do to get more people to read the posts you put so much time and effort into? The truth is that effective content creation is not just a matter of hitting ‘Publish’ as you upload your article.

There are many ways in which to boost the exposure of your blog posts once you’ve put them online. Try and automate as many of these tasks as possible, but for those that require a manual approach, it’s a good idea to set clear micro goals as a motivational tactic to get through your to-do list. Here are six points that need to be ticked off.

1. Ping Your Latest Post

Inform search engines and other sites of your latest post using a pinging site. This will drive more traffic to your blog through search engines by helping index your content faster. Best of all, this process only takes a few seconds.

2. Use Your Signature Line to Promote Your Work

Use email marketing to get more traffic and exposure for your blog. When you read a particularly interesting article by an author in your niche, send them an email telling them you enjoyed it.

Make sure you have the URL for your blog in your signature line. And, if you post something that is getting a lot of traction, send bloggers an email about it. Maybe, they’ll give you a shout-out.

3. Submit Your Latest Posts to Social Bookmarking Sites

You build backlinks and attract more traffic to your website when you submit links to social bookmarking sites. Take the time to submit to Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and all of the other options out there.

It also helps to have your readers share their stories on sites like Reddit to facilitate more upvotes and exposure.

4. Link to Other Blogs

One of the best ways to attract more traffic and build relationships is to link out to other blog posts in the niche you are writing about. This is because many bloggers have set up trackbacks that show them when other blogs link to them.

They can also see in their analytics where traffic is coming from. They are likely to return the favor sooner or later.

5. Comment on Popular Blogs

You will gain exposure for your website and create a name for yourself with insightful comments on popular blogs. Put some thought into your comments.

Also, make sure you read the post you are commenting on carefully. Do not get spammy with your comments, though: only link to your site if there is a specific field for website links.

6. Guest Post

When you link to and leave comments on other blogs in your niche, you will develop relationships. You can then ask these bloggers if they would publish guest posts from you.

Be sure you get a byline and include your website’s name and address in your author bio.

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