6 Things You Should Not Forget to Do at the Airport

People spend a lot of time packing their stuff and filling their luggage with things they can’t leave without when they travel. They make a list of items to bring such as toiletries, clothes and undergarments, fragrance, mobile chargers and gadgets. The list just goes on and on. But when you get to the airport, do you make a list on what you’re supposed to do when you get there? It may seem trivial but you should pay attention to these 6 things when you get to the airport.

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1. Keep your passport and ticket ready

When you’re travelling abroad, you have at least one luggage to check-in and one hand-carry. As soon as you arrive at the departure area, it’s better to keep your ticket and passport in your bag pocket or inside a sling bag where you can easily pull them out. Your hands will be full at this time so try as much to get those travel documents ready.

2. Be sure you’re bags are within the allowable weight of check-in baggage and hand-carry items

Excess baggage will require you to pay extra fees or force you to transfer items from one bag to another. This doesn’t only delay you but the other passengers waiting in line as well.

3. Bring your toiletries with you, especially when you’re in for a long flight.

Whether you’re just departing your hometown or you’re going back home, don’t leave your toiletries in your luggage but bring them with you. You need some retouches and quick clean-ups before you board and while you’re on the plane.

4. Always arrive at the airport at least three hours before departure

Not only does it give you ample time to line up at the check-in counter but it also gives you the freedom to roam around the airport, particularly if it’s your first time at an international airport. Find out the airport’s amenities or how far will the immigration counter be from the boarding gate. This is also the perfect time to find some treats unique to a specific place.

For instance, Kit Kat Green Tea is common in Japan but it’s not readily available in other countries. So while you’re at Narita Airport, grab a box of these before heading home.

5. Visit the airport’s duty free shops

Duty free shops are common in every international airport but depending on the size or location, there are products that are available in some places while other airports don’t have them. Food treats are one. Souvenirs and designer brands are another. Beauty counters offer various fragrances of different sizes and they come with freebies as well.

What’s great about duty free shopping is that you get your purchases tax free. If you don’t have time to roam around, you can still get discount fragrances at a trusted store near you.

6. Buy a sleeping kit

This is important when you have to wait at the airport for hours for your next connecting flight or when you expect to travel for hours. Many people overlook this but having your own pillow, blanket, and eye mask will make you feel extra comfortable. Big airlines usually offer free blankets but budget airlines offer you a blanket and a sleeping kit for a hefty sum.

Remember, packing your stuff isn’t your only priority when you travel. You must remember to do things at the airport to get aboard a safe and easy flight.

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