5 Ways to Help Relieve Stress From Your Office Manager

An office manager in a medical facility wears many hats. Not only is she responsible for supervising personnel and keeping them motivated and producti

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5 Ways to Help Relieve Stress From Your Office Manager

An office manager in a medical facility wears many hats. Not only is she responsible for supervising personnel and keeping them motivated and productive, she ensures that daily business operations are seamless. When clients walk through the door, all they see is an office that’s efficient and ready to serve. On any given day, the office manager orders supplies, troubleshoots, researches solutions, oversees technical workers, records data, bills patients, and hires and fires employees.

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If your office manager is loaded down with responsibilities, it will eventually affect her job performance and reduce the quality of service your patients receive. Here are five ways to ease your office manager’s burdens so that she remains loyal and efficient.

Hire an Answering Service

The phones in a medical office ring continuously. Sometimes, the office gets so busy that the phones will go unanswered. Patients aren’t too fond of hearing a voicemail on the other end when they are trying to set up appointments or reach their physician.

Hiring a doctor answering service can give your office manager a break from ringing phones without the risk of upsetting clients or missing important messages. Patients will appreciate hearing a live, caring voice on the other end.

Encourage Employee Training

The more training employees have, the more effective they are at their jobs. Keep in mind that systems change and skills get rusty, so encourage your employees to get ongoing training so they can learn new skills and update existing ones. The type of training will depend on what your goals are and what your employees prefer. Office staff might be more likely to take advantage of training if it’s convenient. So in addition to workshops and seminars, consider offering training via online and video methods.

Set Clear Responsibilities

When employees don’t do their jobs, the office manager has to pick up the slack. This means she will either have to come in early, stay late or work at warp-speed to squeeze whatever needs to be done in an eight hour workday. In an efficient office, everyone does his fair share. Have your office manager sit down with each staff member and outline what their responsibilities are, and how and when they need to be done.

Keep Software Current

Technology can be your biggest time saver in a medical facility. It helps streamline such processes as record keeping, appointment management, billing and bookkeeping. When your computers and software systems are dated, they can hinder productivity, frustrate office staff and affect patient care. Since it is the responsibility of your office virtual receptionist to see that things in the office run properly, it is vital that she have access to updated technology.

Outsource Responsibilities

Your office manager has a lot on her plate. Reduce some of her stress by outsourcing things like medical billing and collections. Not only will this take some of the weight off, it will save you money. Think about it. When you outsource, you pay a monthly fee as opposed to paying a full-time employee a salary. You also won’t have to provide medical insurance or other perks. You can use the money you save to offer your office manager the raise she deserves.

The daily responsibilities of keeping a medical office running smoothly can leave your office manager a frazzled mess. Take some of the burden off by hiring an answering service, keeping software updated, setting clear responsibilities, encouraging training and outsourcing work

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