5 Tips For Companies To Achieve Social Media Success

Social networking is a huge part of modern marketing practices, which has a lot of older, well-established companies confused as to how they can get started on social media sites. Creating profiles, posting content, staying active; all of it can be a little overwhelming at first, especially since it seems like new social networks are popping up out of no where. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Social campaigns can make or break a company’s image and reputation among consumers, which is why it’s so important to get off on the right foot. If your company is new to social media, then check out the list below for five tips to help you achieve social media success!

1. Use Infographics To Convey Hard Data

Use Infographics To Convey Hard Data
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No one wants to take the time to read a full sheet of statistics, no matter how important the numbers are. People do, however, love infographics because they provide a breakdown of scientific data, while remaining fun and visually appealing.

Lots of companies create infographics on a regular basis and then share them with all their social media fans. For a good example of how companies can turn boring numbers info into an awesome infographic, check out Instant Checkmate’s blog page, which showcases several of the background check company’s most recent infographics.

2. Mix It Up

Mix It Up
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When it comes to social media for business, you definitely want to diversify with different types of posts. If you’re sharing the exact same content every day, then your social media fans and followers will not be impressed—at all.

For example, some posts could be funny, while others are serious, and then you can always share news articles and information about current events. It helps to make a tentative social media schedule in which you plan out what type of posts will fall on each day of the week, but you should leave it open to change in case something happens in the news that’s relevant to your company.

And this brings us to our next tip. . .

3. Stay Relevant

Stay Relevant
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Relevance is essential with regard to any corporate marketing strategy. If a company is posting a bunch of random stuff that has nothing to do with their product or services, then they look like spammers, and the entire brand is immediately delegitimised.

The key to staying relevant is to make sure that the content of your posts has some obvious correlation to your brand. For example, a pet store could share a sensational story about a puppy riding a skateboard, but if they share a trending study on fast food consumption, then their fans will see it and wonder why the heck a pet store is posting about fast food.

4. Update Daily — No Matter What

Update Daily
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It’s extremely important to update ALL your social profiles every single day in order to retain your brand’s visibility among social media users. Nothing is worse than visiting a company’s page only to find out that they haven’t posted anything in weeks, or even months.

On the other hand, if you visit a page and see that a company is active and posts something new every day, then you automatically know that they’re on top of their marketing efforts, which says a lot about the company as a whole.

5. A Call To Action Works Wonders

A Call To Action Works Wonders
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A call to action usually comes at the end of a social media post, where you ask your fans and followers to do something. It could come in many different forms including, “Click here,” “Call now,” “Like and share if you agree,” etc.

The point of including a call to action is to encourage audience interaction, and several studies have shown that social media users are much more likely to do something if they’re being asked. This is especially true on Twitter, and recent data shows that adding “Please retweet” to your posts has the potential to generate four times more shares than if you left that last bit out.

Do YOU have any additional tips for companies who want to be successful on social media? Let us know in the comments!

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